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Ever since its appearance, Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote has exerted a powerful influence on the artistic imagination all around the world. This cross-cultural volume offers important new readings of canonical reinterpretations of the Quixote: from Unamuno to Borges, from Ortega y Gasset to Calvino, from Mark Twain to Carlos Fuentes. But to the prestigious list of well-known authors who acknowledged Cervantes’ influence, it also adds new and surprising names, such as that of Subcomandante Marcos, who gives a Cervantine twist to his Mexican Zapatista revolution. Attention is paid to successful contemporary authors such as Paul Auster and Ricardo Piglia, as well as to the forgotten voice of the Belgian writer Joseph Grandgagnage. The volume breaks new ground by taking into consideration Belgian music and Dutch translations, as well as Cervantine procedures in Terry Gilliam’s Lost in La Mancha. In all, this book constitutes an indispensable guide for the further study of the Quixote’s Nachleben and offers exciting proposals for rereading Cervantes.


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Table of contents

Dagmar Vandebosch: Quixotism as a Poetic and National Project in the Early Twentieth-Century Spanish Essay
Patrick Collard: A Portrait of Cervantes as “A Learned Sancho Panza”: The Quixote in Ramón J. Sender’s Thought before the Civil War
Kristine Vanden Berghe: The Quixote in the Stories of Subcomandante Marcos
Reindert Dhondt: The Intrusive Incertitude of the Quixote or the Emergence of World Literature According to Carlos Fuentes
Nadia Lie: Who is the Reader of Pierre Menard? Borges on Cervantes Revisited
María Stoopen: Cervantine Instances of Unreliability in Ricardo Piglia’s “Assumed Name”
Christian De Paepe: Don Quixote on Belgian Staves
Hendrik van Gorp: Don Quixote in the Netherlands: Translations and Adaptations of Cervantes’ Novel
Lieven D’hulst: Don Quixote Travelling Through the Young Belgium
Jan Herman: Did Don Quixote and Cervantes Read the Same Books?
Bart Van Den Bossche: Of Humorous Heroes and Non-Existent Knights: Don Quixote in Twentieth-Century Italian Literature
Ulla Musarra-Schrøder: Cervantes in Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy
Theo D’haen: Don Quixote on the Mississippi: Twain’s Modernities
Brigitte Adriaensen: Getting Lost in La Mancha: The Unma(s)king of Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
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