The Romantic Imagination

Literature and Art in England and Germany


Table of contents

Acknowledgments Illustrations Frederick BURWICK: Verbal and Visual Modes of Imagination PART I: IMAGINATION Jürgen KLEIN: Genius, Ingenium, Imagination: Aesthetic Theories of Production from the Renaissance to Romanticism Werner HOFMANN: The Dark Total Idea: Schiller on the Creative Process Horst MELLER: The Parricidal Imagination: Schiller, Blake, Fuseli and the Romantic Revolt against the Father Gabriele ROMMEL: Imagionation in the Transcendental Poetics of Novalis PART II: THE SISTER ARTS Frederick BURWICK: Blake's Laocoön and Job: or, On the Boundaries of Painting and Poetry Roswitha BURWICK: Physiology of Perception: Achim von Arnim's Practical and Historical Aesthetics Wilhelmina L. HOTCHKISS: Grounds for Change: Wordsworth, Constable and the Uses of Place Norma S. DAVIS: Poet and Painter: Beaumont's Illustrations in the Poetry of William Wordsworth J. DRUMMOND BONE: Turner and Shelley: The Sense of a Comparison PART III: THE SUBLIME AND THE PICTURESQUE Anne K. MELLOR: Immortality or Monstrosity? Reflections on the Sublime in Romantic Literature and Art Hans-Ulrich MOHR: The Picturesque: A Key Concept of the Eighteenth Century Lilian R. FURST: In Other Voices: Wackenroder's Herzensergießungen and the Creation of a Romantic Mythology PART IV: EKPHRASIS James A.W. HEFFERNAN: Byron and Sculpture Wolf Z. HIRST: How Dreams Become Poems: Keats's Imagined Sculpture and Re-Vision of Epic Grant F. SCOTT: Shelley, Medusa, and the Perils of Ekphrasis PART V: MODE, MANNER, STYLE Barbara Maria STAFFORD: Bare versus Prismatic Style: Newton, Piranesi and Eighteenth-Century Theories of Abstraction in Art and Science Gerald FINLEY: Pigment into Light: Turner, and Goethe's Theory of Colours Murray ROSTON: The Contemplative Mode Karl KROEBER: The Clarity of the Mysterious and the Obscurity of the Familiar: Friedrich and Turner Jörg TRAEGER: …As if one's Eyelids had been Cut Away: Imagination in Turner, Friedrich, and David Index