Traversing Transnationalism

The Horizons of Literary and Cultural Studies


The recent dramatic expansion of the field of transnational studies has reshaped discourses across the humanities and social sciences and created the opportunity for extensive multi-regional exchanges. Traversing Transnationalism intervenes into these developments by offering essays from scholars working both within and outside the metropolitan “centre”, and by reorientating the axis of research towards geopolitical and cultural formations located beyond the normal sites of production of globalization discourse. This interdisciplinary collection has a broad scope: it engages directly with a variety of literary and non-literary texts, diverse socio-cultural configurations, and the politics, theorization and aesthetics of transnationalism. It is of interest to both readers interested in how transnational discourses have been articulated in specific contexts and circumstances, and readers looking for an intervention into debates on transnationalism that draws attention to its complex, plural character.
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Table of contents

Pier Paolo Frassinelli, Ronit Frenkel and David Watson: Traversing Transnationalism
National Borders/Transnational Subjects
Pamila Gupta: Friction and Fragments: Local Cosmopolitanism in Postcolonial Mozambique
Amanda Lagerkvist: Velvet and Violence: Performing the Mediatized Memory of Shanghai’s Futurity
Bianca Kai Isaki: Towards an Aesthetic Politics of Transnational History: Asian Americans in a Decolonizing Hawai‘I
Sang Hea Kil: Immigration and “Operations”: The Militarization (and Medicalization) of the US-Mexico Border
Transnational Literary Routes
Shane Graham: “I had forgotten a continent”: Cosmopolitan Memory in Derek Walcott’s Omeros
Ronit Frenkel: Local Transnationalisms: Ishtiyaq Shukri’s The Silent Minaret and South Africa in the Global Imaginary
Tomoko Kuribayashi: Nomadic Narratives: Tawada Yoko’s Japanese-German Fiction
Melissa Tandiwe Myambo: Primitive Accumulation: Unwriting Diaspora in Lavanya Sankaran’s The Red Carpet
Migrations of Theory
Nicholas Brown: The Identity of Identity and Difference: Modernism and African Literature
Pier Paolo Frassinelli and David Watson: World Literature: A Receding Horizon
Fabio Akcelrud Durão and José Adriano Fenerick: The Adventures of a Technique: Dodecaphonism Travels to Brazil
Ashleigh Harris: What Revolt in the Postcolony Today?
Ulrike Kistner: Cosmopolitan Sensus Communis: Aesthetic Judgment as Model for Political Judgment?
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