Conrad Intertexts & Appropriations

Essays in Memory of Yves Hervouet


Table of contents

Notes on Contributors. A Bibliography of Works by Yves Hervouet. Paul KIRSCHNER: The Legacy of Yves Hervouet: An Introduction. Susan JONES: Conrad's Debt to Marguerite Poradowska. Amy HOUSTON: Conrad and Alfred Russel Wallace. Gene M. MOORE: Conrad's 'The Idiots' and Maupassant's 'La Mère aux monstres'. J.H. STAPE: 'Gaining Conviction': Conradian Borrowing and the Patna Episode in Lord Jim. Owen KNOWLES: Conrad, Anatole France, and the Early French Romantic Tradition: Some Influences. J.H. STAPE: 'One can learn something from Balzac': Conrad and Balzac. Hugh EPSTEIN: Bleak House and Conrad: The Presence of Dickens in Conrad's Writing. Hans van MARLE and Gene M. MOORE: The Sources of Suspense.