Trends in Twenty-First-Century African Theatre and Performance


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Trends in Twenty-First Century African Theatre and Performance is a collection of regionally focused articles on African theatre and performance. The volume provides a broad exploration of the current state of African theatre and performance and considers the directions they are taking in the 21st Century. It contains sections on current trends in theatre and performance studies, on applied/community theatre and on playwrights. The chapters have evolved out of a working group process, in which papers were submitted to peer-group scrutiny over a period of four years, at four international conferences. The book will be particularly useful as a key text for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in non-western theatre and performance (where this includes African theatre and performance), and would be a very useful resource for theatre scholars and anyone interested in African performance forms and cultures.

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Temple Hauptfleisch: Foreword
Kene Igweonu: Striding Out: Emergent Trends in Twenty-First Century African Theatre and Performance
General Trends in Theatre and Performance Studies
Samuel Ravengai: The Dilemma of the African Body as a Site of Performance in the Context of Western Training
Kene Igweonu: Interculturalism Revisited: Identity Construction in African and African-Caribbean Performance
Johann van Heerden: Beyond the Miracle: Trends in South African Theatre and Performance after 1994
Patrick Ebewo: Transformation and the Drama Studies Curriculum in South Africa: A Survey of Selected Universities
Petrus du Preez: The Tall Tale of Tall Horse: The Illusion (or Manifestation) of African Cultural and Traditional
Aesthetics in Hybrid Performances
Temple Hauptfleisch: From Trance Dance to PaR: Theatre and Performance Studies in South Africa
Applied/Community Theatre and Performance
Vicensia Shule: Theatre in/for Development in Tanzania: A Neoliberal Nightmare
Praise Zenenga: A Voice in the Teeth of Power: Popular Theatre under the Censorship Radar in Zimbabwe (1998-2008)
Vibeke Glørstad: Citizens’ Stories – or Theatre as Performing Citizenship in Zimbabwe
Ola Johansson: Towards a Politically Efficacious Community-Based Theatre
Gladys Ijeoma Akunna: Dance Movement Analysis as Psycho-Diagnostic Tool in Modern Nigerian Medical Practice: An Introduction
Playwrights and Performance
Osita Ezenwanebe: Treading Subtly on Volatile Ground: Ahmed Yerima’s Hard Ground and the Dramatization of the Niger Delta Crisis in Nigeria
Adebisi Ademakinwa: Drama as an Analytical Tool of Contemporary Society: Ahmed Yerima’s Hard Ground and the Politics of the Niger Delta
Ngozi Udengwu: Theatre-on-Demand: Stella Oyedepo – Theatrical Megastar of the Twenty-First Century
Awo Mana Asiedu: Abibigoro: Mohamed Ben Abdallah’s Search for an African Aesthetic in the Theatre
Jeleel O. Ojuade: African Dance in Diaspora: The Examples of Nigerian Yoruba bàtá and dùndún
Chris Ugolo: Celebration as Aesthetic Device in Contemporary Nigerian Dance Productions: Hubert Ogunde’s Destiny as Example
Alude Mahali: ‘Piecing Together a Girlhood’: Using the ‘Girlfriend Aesthetic’ as a Practical Methodology in the Making and Performance of Katuntu (…and you too)
A Selected Bibliography of African Theatre (1990-2011)
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