Refusals in instructional contexts and beyond


Little exposure and few opportunities for practice are two main drawbacks for learners in instructional contexts. These problems are intensified when dealing with face-threatening acts such as refusals, as learners are not fully capable of expressing their meanings and miscommunication is a likely by-product. The present volume aims at exploring factors and production of refusals in different instructional settings by means of ten original papers which address key questions dealing with the speech act of refusals. The relevance of the volume lies in the individual contributions which embrace innovative perspectives on refusals in order to provide an excellent contribution to this field of enquiry. The book is an obligatory reading for researchers and students interested in the field of interlanguage pragmatics, who will benefit from the range of educational contexts in which refusals are investigated.

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Otilia Martí-Arnándiz and Patricia Salazar-Campillo: Introduction
Enhancing refusals in formal settings
Ana B. Fernández-Guerra: Using TV series as input source of refusals in the classroom
Elina Vilar-Beltrán and Sabela Melchor-Couto: Refusing in Second Life
Eva Alcón-Soler and Josep R. Guzman i Pitarch: The effect of instruction on learners’ use and negotiation of refusals
Esther Usó-Juan: Effects of metapragmatic instruction on EFL learners’ production of refusals
Variables affecting use of refusals
Naoko Taguchi: Refusals in L2 English: Proficiency effects on appropriateness and fluency
Victòria Codina-Espurz: The role of proficiency in the production of refusals in English in an instructed context
César Félix-Brasdefer: Refusing in L2 Spanish: The effects of the context of learning during a short-term study abroad program
Investigating learners’ production of refusals
Alicia Martínez-Flor: Learners’ production of refusals: Interactive written DCT versus oral role-play
Maria-Pilar Safont-Jordà and Laura Portolés-Falomir: Research method effects on third language learners’ refusals
Patricia Salazar-Campillo: Production of refusals: Insights from stimulated recall
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