Texts in Multiple Versions – Histories of Editions


Texts in multiple versions constitute the core problem of textual scholarship. For texts from antiquity and the medieval period, the many versions may be the result of manuscript transmission, requiring editors and readers to discriminate between levels of authority in variant readings produced along the chain of copying. For texts of all periods, and particularly for more modern authors, there may also be multiple authorial versions. These are of particular importance for genetic criticism, as they offer a window on the author’s thinking through the developing work. The different contexts in which multiple versions may occur – different languages, different genres, different cultures, ranging in this collection from ancient Greek texts to novels by Cervantes and Aub, dramatic texts from Portugal and Germany, poetry from The Netherlands and Lithuania, scientific texts from the 19th century – provide further layers of complexity. The histories of countries are reflected in the histories of editing. In Europe, this can be seen particularly in the great period of ‘nation-building’ of the 19th century. Essays in this volume survey editorial activity in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the nineteenth century, concluding that nation building and scholarly editing are twinned. As a nation searches for its own identity, textual scholarship is pressed into service to find and edit the texts on which to establish that identity. The two strands of this volume (multiple versions of texts; editions and national histories) testify to the centrality of textual editing to many fields of research. There is material here for literary scholars, historians, and for readers interested in texts from Ancient Greece to modernist classics.

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Texts in Multiple Versions: Edited by Luigi GIULIANI Francisco RICO: Scholarly Editions and Real Readers Burghard DEDNER: Highlighting Variants in Literary Editions: Techniques and Goals Jan GIELKENS: Jumping to Conclusions: Preparing an Edition of the Poetry of Ernst Meister Albert SOLER: Editing Texts with a Multilingual Tradition: The Case of Ramon Llull Javier LLUCH PRATS: The Critical Genetic Edition of a Novel: Campo del Moro, by Max Aub Dolores FERNÁNDEZ MARTÍNEZ: The False Originality of the Imaginary Artist: The Multiple Drawings of Jusep Torres Campalans Carmen ISASI, Patricia FERNÁNDEZ, Santiago PÉREZ ISASI: Philological Issues Regarding a Multiple Plurilingual Digital Edition M. SANZ MORALES: The Copyist as Novelist: Multiple Versions in the Ancient Greek Novel Mario GARVIN: Printing, Textual Criticism and Traditional Lyrical Poetry José Luis OCASAR ARIZA: The Genetic Edition of Classical Texts with Multiple Variants Paulius V. SUBAČIUS: On Notation that does not Refine: Twelve Phonetic Versions in a Multiple Edition of a 19th Century Lithuanian Poem H.T.M. VAN VLIET: Changing Structure, Changing Meaning: Multiple Versions of Modern Poetry Collections as an Editorial Problem José CAMÕES: CD-Rom Edition of Portuguese Theatre of the 16th Century (Focused on Multiple Versions) Peter L. SHILLINGSBURG: The First Five English Editions of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species Histories of Editions: Edited by Herman BRINKMAN, Geert LERNOUT and Marita MATHIJSEN Annemarie KETS: Unity in Diversity: Nineteenth-Century Editions of a Seventeenth-Century Comedy Paul WACKERS: Editing Van den vos Reynaerd Willem KUIPER: Past, Present and Future of Editing Ferguut: The Medieval Dutch Translation/Adaptation of the Old-French Li Chevalier au Biel Escu, Better Known as Fergus Jan ROCK: Literary Monuments and Editor’s Jokes: Nationalism and Professionalisation in Editions of Lodewijk van Velthem’s Spiegel Historiael (1727-1906) Rüdiger NUTT-KOFOTH: Two Paradigms in 19th Century German Editing: Goedeke’s Schiller Edition and the Weimar Goethe Edition as Different Steps towards a Particular Concept of Editing Modern Authors Raphaela VEIT: Avicenna’s Canon in East and West: A Long History of Editions Reviews and Book Notice: Edited by Dirk van Hulle