Textual Scholarship and the Material Book


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In the last decades, the emphasis in textual scholarship has moved onto creation, production, process, collaboration; onto the material manifestations of a work; onto multiple rather than single versions; onto reception and book history. Textual scholarship now includes not only textual editing, but any form of scholarship that looks at the materiality of text, of writing, of reading, and of the book.
The essays in this collection explore many questions, about methodology and theory, arising from this widening scope of textual scholarship. The range of texts discussed, from Sanskrit epic via Medieval Latin commentary through English and Scottish Ballads to the plays of Samuel Beckett and the stories of Guimarães Rosa, testifies to the vigour of the discipline. The range of texts is matched by a range of approach: from theoretical discussion of how text ‘happens’, to analysis of issues of book design and censorship, the connections between literary and textual studies, exploration of the links between reception and commodification in George Eliot, and between information theory and paratext. Through this diversity of subject and approach, a common theme emerges: the need to look further for common ground from which to continue the debate from a comparative perspective.

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John Gouws: Why “Text Happens” Won’t Do for Fulke Greville (or Anyone Else)
Rüdiger Nutt-Kofoth: Editorial Scholarship and Literary Studies: Reflections on their Relationship from a German Perspective
Dirk Van Hulle: Genetic Editing and Beckett’s Multiple Intentions
J.C.C. Mays: Coleridge and Yeats: The Romantic Voice
Bodo Plachta: More than Mise-en-Page: Book Design and German Editing
Chris Ackerley: Towards a Scholarly Edition of Samuel Beckett’s Watt
David Atkinson: Editing the Child Ballads: Agency, Intention, and the Problem of Version
Wendy J. Phillips-Rodriguez: A Discussion about Textual Eugenics: Still Searching for the Perfect Mahābhārata?
Paulius V. Subačius: How a Poem Became a Book of Poetry: Conflict of Folkloristic, Literary, and Linguistic Approaches in the Publications of a Nineteenth-Century Classic of Lithuanian Literature
Mariken Teeuwen: The Impossible Task of Editing a Ninth-Century Commentary: The Case of Martianus Capella
Mark Nixon: Beckett Publishing / Publishing Beckett in the 1930s
Simon Frost: Masterworks and Merchandise: Showing off the Goods of Middlemarch
Susan Kovacs: Discourse analysis and book history: Literary indexing as social dialogue
Rita Marquilhas: On the Study of Everyday Writings: Portuguese Letters from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century
Clara Rowland: Forms of Crossing: Book and margin in the work of Guimarães Rosa
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