Texts beyond Borders

Multilingualism and Textual Scholarship


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Contacts between languages, especially translations, have always played a crucial role in the making of European culture, from Antiquity until today. Bilingual or multilingual documents, literary works created in another language than their creators’ mother tongue, translations and translated texts are special textual objects, which require appropriate editorial treatment. This volume explores how textual scholarship responds to multilingualism in its various forms; how important multilingualism can be in creative processes; how textual scholarship can make multilingual texts available and accessible; and how it can contribute to their interpretation.

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Hans Debel: The Multilingual Textual History of the Hebrew Bible. Some Reflections on the History of the Scriptural Text(s)
Markus Mülke: Biblical Poetry as Translation – Biblical Translation as Philology? Jerome’s Promotion of Juvencus’ Evangeliorum Libri and his own Latin Revision of the Gospels
Christopher Callahan: Troubadour Songs in Trouvère Codices. Mouvance in the Transmission of Courtly Lyric
Jan Bloemendal: Veiled Bilingualism and Editing the Erasmi Opera Omnia (ASD)
Jeanine De Landtsheer: From Philip Numan’s Miracles of the Virgin of Montaigu (1604) towards Justus Lipsius’s Diva Sichemiensis sive Aspricolis (1605)
Purificación Ribes: Tieck’s 1793 German Version of Volpone. A Challenge for the Editors
Burghard Dedner: Intertextual Layers in Translations. Methods of Research and Editorial Presentation
Mikas Vaicekauskas: The Lithuanian Book Factory in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century. Translation, Compilation, Plagiarism or Creative Work?
Nathalie Mauriac Dyer: “Minor tongues” in Proust’s Drafts and the Problem of Editing
Paul Eggert: Writing in a Language Not Your Own. Editions as Argument about the Work – D. H. Lawrence, Joseph Conrad and Henry Lawson
John Gouws: The Textual Trek of Deneys Reitz’s Commando
Andrew Thacker: Crossing Borders with Modernist Magazines
Pim Verhulst: Editing Multilingual Beckett. The Case of Cascando
Axel Gellhaus and Therese Kaiser: How to Edit Celan as a Translator?
Peter Shillingsburg: Scholarly Editing as a Cultural Enterprise
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