Touching Philosophy, Sounding Religion, Placing Education


This book redefines religious studies as a field in which a plurality of disciplines interact. A social science when understood as a body of knowledge, religion is also marked by discovery, appreciation, orientation, and application—an interplay of the arts and sciences. Teaching religious studies involves the question of the occupation of territories and disentangling occupation from violence.

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Steven Schroeder lives and writes in Chicago, Illinois. He is the author of four previous books, including The Metaphysics of Cooperation: A Study of F.D. Maurice and Between Freedom and Necessity: An Essay on the Place of Value, Volumes 84 and 99 in the Value Inquiry Book Series.
FOREWORD by David Belcastro PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ONE Carried Away 1. The Temptation of Space 2. Against the Hegemony of Vision 3. Separation 4. The Religious Function of Home 5. Every Map Is A Myth 6. A Masterpiece of Structural Tenacity 7. Spatialization of Place 8. Cultural Systems 9. Three Themes TWO The Necessity of Theory 1. Observation As Action 2. Objectivity 3. Cognitive Linguistics 4. Phenomenological Geography 5. Ecological Psychology 6. The Body Is An Act THREE The Displacement of Society 1. Home and Exile 2. The Power To See 3. A History of Powers 4. Perception 5. Getting Ourselves Together FOUR A Moral Dimension of Place 1. Loaded Symbols 2. Making An Impression 3. Aesthetics and Ethics 4. Tapestries Woven of Power FIVE The Body Politic 1. Constructing Coherence 2. Culture 3. Intelligence 4. Perception, Again 5. Play, Possibility, and Power SIX Perceiving God Perceiving 1. Perception, Finally 2. A Twisted Universe 3. Philosophical Correspondences 4. Education and Distance SEVEN A Laboratory for Civil Discourse 1. Experiment 2. City Speech 3. The Classroom As City REFERENCES ABOUT THE AUTHOR INDEX