Interpretation and Its Objects

Studies in the Philosophy of Michael Krausz


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This volume collects twenty-one original essays that discuss Michael Krausz’s distinctive and provocative contribution to the theory of interpretation. At the beginning of the book Krausz offers a synoptic review of his central claims, and he concludes with a substantive essay that replies to scholars from the United States, England, Germany, India, Japan, and Australia. Krausz’s philosophical work centers around a distinction that divides interpreters of cultural achievements into two groups. Singularists assume that for any object of interpretation only one single admissible interpretation can exist. Multiplists assume that for some objects of interpretation more than one interpretation is admissible. A central question concerns the ontological entanglements involved in interpretive activity. Domains of application include works of art and music, as well as literary, historical, legal and religious texts. Further topics include truth commissions, ethnocentrism and interpretations across cultures.

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ANDREEA DECIU RITIVOI is Assistant Professor of English and Rhetoric at Carnegie Mellon University. She has published a book on immigration and identity (Yesterday’s Self: Nostalgia and the Immigrant Identity, 2002), and is currently finishing a book on subjectivity and action in Paul Ricoeur’s philosophy. Her research focuses on personal identity and social transformation, cross-cultural hermeneutics, transitional societies in Eastern Europe, and the dynamics of individual and collective memory.
”Michael Krausz’s influential and important work on interpretation in all its cultural manifestations is the focus of this comprehensive collection of discussion papers. In engaging with Krausz the contributors show the richness, subtlety, and depth of his thinking. There are few guides more percipient and sure-footed in this terrain than Michael Krausz.” – Peter Lamarque, Editor, The British Journal of Aesthetics and Professor of Philosophy, University of York
ONE Andreea Deciu RITIVOI: Introduction
TWO Michael KRAUSZ: Interpretation and Its Objects: A Synoptic View
THREE Garry HAGBERG: Rightness Reconsidered: Krausz, Wittgenstein, and the Question of Interpretive Understanding
FOUR Nirmalangshu MUKHERJI: Is There a General Notion of Interpretation?
FIVE David CROCKER: Interpretive Ideals and Truth Commissions
SIX Ken-Ichi SASAKI: Limits of Interpretation
SEVEN: Ronald MOORE: Interpretive Ideals and Life Projects
EIGHT Bernard HARRISON and Patricia HANNA: Interpretation and Ontology: Two Queries for Krausz
NINE Paul THOM: Constituents of Interpretation
TEN Joseph MARGOLIS: Notes on Krausz’s Detachability Thesis
ELEVEN Michael McKENNA: A Metaphysics for Krausz
TWELVE R.C. PRADHAN: How Not to Be a Metaphysical Realist: Krausz on Constructive Realism
THIRTEEN Paul GROBSTEIN: Getting It Less Wrong, The Brain’s Way: Science, Pragmatism, and Multiplism
FOURTEEN V.A. RAO: Ethnocentrism and the Interpretation of Cultural Practices
FIFTEEN Andreea Deciu RITIVOI: Interpreting Historical Legacies: The Ethos of Transition in Eastern Europe
SIXTEEN Krassimir STOJANOV: Moral Universalism and Cultural Anti-Essentialism: An Extension of Krausz’s Theory of Interpretation
SEVENTEEN D.P. CHATTOPADHYAYA: Relativism and the Limits of Human Consciousness
EIGHTEEN Nancy WESTON: Rightness, Ontology, and the Adjudication of Truth: Adumbrations from the Law’s Trial
NINETEEN Nicholas MAXWELL: Art as Its Own Interpretation
TWENTY Christoph COX: Versions, Dubs, and Remixes: Realism and Rightness in Aesthetic Interpretation
TWENTY-ONE Giridhari LAL PANDIT: The Work and the Pilgrims of Music
TWENTY-TWO Vibha CHATURVEDI: Reflections on the Interpretation of Religious Texts
TWENTY-THREE Michael KRAUSZ: Replies and Reflections
Selected Bibliography of Michael Krausz
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