A Fierce Little Tragedy

Thought, Passion, and Self-Formation in the Philosophy Classroom


The book explores, in novel form, what can happen to us, whether professor or student, as a result of the philosophical classroom. The approach is to consider the classroom as a unique happening of philosophy, different than reporting theories or doing research, through which a distinctive mode of philosophical formation can occur.


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Review Quotes

”A Fierce Little Tragedy ably articulates fundamental issues in the practice of philosophy so important to philosophy of education” – George David Miller

Table of contents

Foreword by George David Miller Preface Acknowledgments ONE A Philosophical Lēnōcinium TWO Let Your Reason Serve To Make Truth Appear THREE I Like To Listen To The Way You Speak FOUR Virtuously Vulnerable FIVE Was It Platonic? SIX Tit–À–Tit SEVEN Under The Egoism Beneath The Skin EIGHT Form Precedes Content, And Lingers NINE Philosophical Laughter TEN Fine Hands And The Futures Market ELEVEN Masses Masticating At The Movies TWELVE When The Giver Proves Unkind THIRTEEN Poor Geppetto, Alone In The Ghetto FOURTEEN Never Again Pretend To Understand FIFTEEN Look Homeward, Angel SIXTEEN Psychoanalyzing The Stuffing Out SEVENTEEN The Zhivago Of Chicago EIGHTEEN Amazing Grace? EPILOGUE 1. Philosophy as Wonder 2. Philosophical Asking 3. Metaphysical Wonder 4. Philosophical Thinking as Asking 5. Asking Plato 6. Questions and the Value of Philosophy 7. Heidegger and “Being–a–self” 8. The Asking Mystery 9. Conclusion Works Cited About The Author Index