Democracy and the Post-Totalitarian Experience


This book presents the work of Polish and American philosophers about Poland’s transition from Communist domination to democracy. Among their topics are nationalism, liberalism, law and justice, academic freedom, religion, fascism, and anti-Semitism. Beyond their insights into the ongoing situation in Poland, these essays have broader implications, inspiring reflection on dealing with needed social changes.

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Foreword Leszek KOCZANOWICZ and Beth J. SINGER: Preface PART 1 Democracy and National Identity ONE Leszek KOCZANOWICZ: In the Name of the Nation … In the Name of the Market. What Was Our Revolution For? TWO Shannon KINCAID: Democracy, Ideology, and Nationalism: Democratic Reconstruction and Post-Totalitarian Eastern Europe PART 2 Religion, Moral Values, and the Overthrow of Totalitarianism THREE Dariusz ALEKSANDROWICZ: Post-Communist Transition and Catholicism in Poland FOUR Mariusz TUROWSKI: Religion and Politics in Poland: Political Discourse, Toleration, and Neutrality PART 3 Liberalism and Democracy FIVE Tom ROCKMORE: After Marxism: Democratic Liberalism and Hegelian Recognition SIX Andrzej SZAHAJ: Communitarian Critique of Liberalism and the Problem of Democracy and Pluralism in Poland PART 4 Democracy and Public Reason SEVEN David M. RASMUSSEN: Public Reason and Higher Law: Reflections on John Rawls and the Idea of Public Reason EIGHT Frederic R. KELLOGG: Justification and Public Reason in a Democracy PART 5 Participatory Democracy and Social Justice NINE Justyna MIKLASZEWSKA: Public Choice Theory and the Post-Totalitarian State TEN John RYDER: Academic Freedom and a Democratic Society PART 6 The Electronic Media and Democracy ELEVEN Anthony J. GRAYBOSCH: Democracy, the Media, and the Post-Totalitarian Experience TWELVE Marek HETMAŃSKI: Internet and Electronic Democracy PART 7 Procedural Transformation THIRTEEN Andrzej Maciej KANIOWSKI: Detotalitarization and the Ambiguity of Moral Codes FOURTEEN Radosław SOJAK: Politics of Exclusion and the Lustration Debate PART 8 American Philosophical Conceptions: Implications for Democratization FIFTEEN Richard P. MULLIN: Josiah Royce’s Philosophy of Loyalty as a Basis for Democratic Ethics SIXTEEN Sandra B. ROSENTHAL and Rogene A. BUCHHOLZ: Pragmatism as a Political Philosophy for Emerging Democracies SEVENTEEN Judith M. GREEN: Guiding Post-Totalitarian Economic Democratization through Deweyan Radical Pragmatism About the Contributors Index