Past and Future


This book contains eleven original papers about intentionality. Some explore current problems such as the status of intentional content, the intentionality of perception and emotion, the connections between intentionality and normativity, the relationship between intentionality and consciousness, the characteristics of the intentional idiom. Others discuss the work of historical figures like Locke, Brentano, Husserl and Frege.


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Biographical Note

GÁBOR FORRAI is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Miskolc, Hungary. He has published papers on philosophy of science, philosophy of language and philosophy of mind. His recent publications include Reference, Truth and Conceptual Schemes (2001). He is currently completing a book on Locke’s epistemology.

Review Quotes

”The book is worthy of consideration, particularly among those scholars with an abiding interest in the philosophy of mind and the science of consciousness.” in: PsycCRITIQUES (Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books)

Table of contents

Preface List of Abbreviations One: Laird ADDIS: The Necessity and Nature of Mental Contents Two: Philip J. BARTOK: Reading Brentano on the Intentionality of the Mental Three: William FISH: Emotions, Moods, and Intentionality Four: Gábor FORRAI: Lockean Ideas as Intentional Contents Five: Jussi HAUKIOJA: Normativity and Mental Content Six: Greg JESSON: The Ontological and Intentional Status of Fregean Senses: An Early Account of External Content Seven: Howard ROBINSON: Sense-Data, Intentionality, and Common Sense Eight: János TÖZSÉR: The Content of Perceptual Experience Nine: Shannon VALLOR: The Intentionality of Reference in Husserl and the Analytic Tradition Ten: Alberto VOLTOLINI: How to Get Intentionality by Language Eleven: Kenneth WILLIFORD: The Intentionality of Consciousness and Consciousness of Intentionality Works Cited About the Contributors Index