Feminist Philosophy in Latin America and Spain


This book demonstrates the vast range of philosophical approaches, regional issues and problems, perspectives, and historical and theoretical frameworks that together constitute feminist philosophy in Latin America and Spain. It makes available to English-Speaking readers recent feminist thought in Latin America and Spain to facilitate dialogue among Latin American, North American, and European thinkers.

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María Luisa Femenías (Argentina), Doctor of Philosophy, Professor and researcher at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata and the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Coordinator of the Workshop on Critical Readings on Gender in the Instituto Interdisciplinario de Estudios de Género (Universidad de Buenos Aires). Specializations: Aristotelian philosophy and gender theory. Her publications include Mujeres y Filosofía (co-authored), Cómo leer a Aristóteles, Inferioridad y Exclusión; Sobre sujeto y género and numerous articles in national and international journals. Co-Founder of the Asociación Argentina de Mujeres en Filosofía and member of the editorial board of Mora: Revista de los Comités Interinstitucionales para la Evaluación de la Educación at the Universidad de Buenos Aires.
Amy Oliver (United States), Ph. D., Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion; Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies, American University, Washington, D.C. Past-President of the Society for Iberian and Latin American Thought (SILAT) and current or former member of various committees of the American Philosophical Association’s Eastern Division. Selected publications: Edition with scholarly introduction to Leopoldo Zea’s The Role of the Americas in History; Latin American subject editor of The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy; “El drama de la conciencia y la identidad universal: temas del pensamiento hispánico del siglo veinte,” “Values in Modern Mexican Thought”. Member, editorial board, Cuadernos Americanos.

Table of contents

Editorial Foreword
Martha ZAPATA GALINDO: Feminist Movements in Mexico: From Consciousness-Raising Groups to Transnational Networks
Norma VASALLO BARRUETA: An Approach to Cuban Feminist Ideas and Objectives: Echoes from the Past, Voices from the Present
Amy A. OLIVER: Latin American Feminist Philosophy: Early Twentieth-Century Uruguay
Adriana MARRERO: Equal Opportunities, Unfair Rewards: Social Constructions and Gender Strategies in Uruguayan High School Students
Francesca GARGALLO: Multiple Feminisms: Feminist Ideas and Practices in Latin America
María ESTHER POZO: On the Trail of Gender
María JULIA PALACIOS: A Critical Examination of Women’s History
Celia AMORÓS: Thinking Patriarchy
María LUISA FEMENÍAS: The Challenge of Differences in Latin American Feminism
Ofelia SCHUTTE: Postmodernity and Utopia: Reclaiming Feminist Grounds on New Terrains
Ana MARÍA BACH, Margarita ROULET, and María ISABEL SANTA CRUZ: Feminist Philosophy and Utopia: A Powerful Alliance
Claudia DE LIMA COSTA: Unthinking Gender: The Traffic in Theory in the Americas
Alicia H. PULEO: Philosophy, Politics, and Sexuality
Graciela HIERRO: The Ethics of Pleasure
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