The Unconscious in Philosophy, and French and European Literature

Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century


This book traces the idea of the unconscious as it emerges in French and European literature. It discusses the functioning of the normal unconscious mind and provides examples of the abnormal unconscious in poems and literature. Psychiatric cases as they are understood today are illustrated as mirrored in literature describing the functioning of the disturbed mind.

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Mary-Rose Barral: Editorial Foreword
Dan T. Valahu: Guest Foreword
Fernand Vial: Preface
Mary-Rose Barral: Prologue
Philosophy and Literature of the Unconscious
Sources of the Idea of the Unconscious
The Unconscious in Russian Literature
The Unconscious in Scandinavian Literature
The Unconscious in Bergsonism
The Unconscious in Experimental Psychology
The Unconscious in Psychoanalysis
The Unconscious in French Literature
First Manifestations of the Unconscious in Literature
Extension of the Theory of the Unconscious in Literature
The Unconscious as a Means of Psychological Exploration
The Abnormal Unconscious in Literature
The Unconscious in Literary Criticism
The Unconscious in Surrealism
Opposition to the Unconscious
Works Cited
About the Authors
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