Beyond Perestroika

Axiology and the New Russian Entrepreneurs


This book investigates rapid societal change in Russia during the early 1990s. The story of the anthropologist (author) and the people he studied reveals cultural similarities and differences between them. Russians and Latvians taught the author about the Soviet Union, its people, and its cultures. Formal axiology provides a novel way to access their changing values.

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Foreword by Rem B. Edwards
Context: History, Geography, and the Evolution of the Fieldwork
A Glimpse of a Dying Empire: U.S.S.R., July 1991
Social Networks in Action: Riga, Latvia
Negotiating Life: Leningrad, Russia
Values and their Cost: Russia’s Hidden Side
Theory and Method: Values, Axiology, and Social Networks
Stress Analysis: The HVP in the Field
Value Analysis: The Impact of Perestroika
Works Cited
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