Arguments and Analysis in Bioethics


Is there any justification for the common practice of allocating expensive medical resources to rescue a few from rare diseases, when those resources could be used to treat devastating diseases that affect the many? Does the use of Prozac and other anti-depressants make us inauthentic beings? Is it immoral and irrational to have children?
What is the force of examples and counterexamples in bioethics? What are the relevance of moral intuition and the role of empirical evidence in bioethical argument? What notion of “function” underlies accounts of the distinction between normality and disease and between therapy and enhancement? Is there an inherent conflict between research aimed at therapy and research aimed at gaining knowledge, such that the very notion of “therapeutic research” is an oxymoron?
The twenty-one chapters in this volume strive, through the use of high quality argument and analysis, to get a good deal clearer concerning a range of issues in bioethics, and a range of issues about bioethics. The essays are provocative, indeed, some quite radical and disturbing, as they call into question many common methodological and substantive assumptions in bioethics.

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Foreword by John Lizza
Matti Häyry, Tuija Takala, Gardar Árnason, and Peter Herissone-Kelly: Introduction. Arguing About Arguments, Analyzing Analysis
Sirkku Kristiina Hellsten: Global Bioethics and “Erroneous Reason”: Fallacies Across the Borders
Søren Holm: Is Bioethics Only for the Rich and Powerful?
Simona Giordano: Do We Need (Bio)Ethical Principles?
Doris Schroeder and Peter Herissone-Kelly: Bioethics and Stephen Toulmin’s Argumentation Theory
Harry Lesser: The Use of Examples in Bioethics
Harry Lesser: Moral Intuitions in Bioethics
Angus Dawson: Toward the “Fair Use” of Empirical Evidence in Ethical Arguments: Vaccination, MMR and Disagreement
Cathleen Schulte: An Assessment of the Normal Function Model and Implications for Enhancement
Stephen Wilkinson: On the Distinction Between Positive and Negative Eugenics
Niall W. R. Scott: Genetic Fallacy and Some Other Concerns in Behavioral Genetics
Niall W. R. Scott: Eugenics: Enhancing Individuals or Populations?
Anna Smajdor: Harm, Law and Reproductive Cloning
Matti Häyry: An Analysis of Some Arguments for and against Human Reproduction
Stuart Oultram: Does the Baby Selling Objection to Commercial Surrogacy Misuse Immanuel Kant?
John McMillan: Prozac, Authenticity, and the Aristotelian Mean
Floris Tomasini: The Case of Self-Demand Amputees: A Dilemma for Professional Ethics?
Mark Sheehan: Enzyme Replacement Therapy and the Rule of Rescue
Peter Lucas: Is “Therapeutic Research” a Misnomer?
Lisa Bortolotti: Can the Subject-of-a-Life Criterion Help Grant Rights to Non-Persons?
Jane Wilson: Determining the Limits of Justified Paternalism: Is Maximizing Autonomy the Key?
Simo Vehmas: The Who or What of Steve: Severe Cognitive Impairment and its Implications
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