The Methodology of Maurice Hauriou

Legal, Sociological, Philosophical


This book shows that Hauriou’s positivist and pragmatic jurisprudence and social theory, as well as their application to the study of institutions, is satisfactorily supported by his idealistic philosophy. The nine chapters first locate Hauriou’s influences, then situate his disciplinary methodologies within methodology in general. The central chapters concern each of the three methodologies in turn.

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”Gray’s book is an interesting philosophical read for those wanting to know more about Hauriou’s philosophy of law and of social groups.” in: The Review of Metaphysics, Vol. 64, 2011
Vince L. Luizzi: Editorial Foreword
Maurice Hauriou (1856–1929)
Hauriou’s General Methodology
Legal Methodology
Sociological Methodology
Methodological Interplay of Law and Social Science
Application of Methodology to Large Groups
Philosophical Methodology
The Philosophical Status of Hauriou’s Methodology
Works Cited
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