Remembrance and Reconciliation


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Dennis Rothermel: Preface
Dennis Rothermel: Introduction
Duane L. Cady: Remembering the Present
Eddy Souffrant: Vulnerability and Beneficence: Remembering the Past for the Sake of Peace
Joseph Betz: Homeland Security, Fiduciary Care, and Duties to Foreign Nationals
Joseph C. Kunkel: Forgetting and Not Reconciling Hiroshima
Dennis Rothermel: Introduction
Robert Paul Churchill: Compassion and Reconciliation
David Boersema: What’s Wrong with Victims’ Rights?
Rob Gildert: Pedagogy and Punishment: A Unitarian Argument for Restorative Justice
Andrew Fitz-Gibbon: Perpetual Violence? Mimesis and Anamnesis
William C. Gay: Language and Reconciliation
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