This book makes a bold announcement for the beginning of a postethnophilosophical phase in modern African thought. It re-considers the question: “What is African philosophy,” and introduces a strategy for setting a broad and productive agenda for contemporary African philosophical thought.

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Honorable mention, New York African Sudies Association (NYASA) 2013 book award.

"Osha’s Postethno-Philosophy is a wonderful review of what has happened in African philosophy. It addresses new issues and offers new directions. It provides an appreciation of a tremendously rich history of debates … Postethno-Philosophy is a great contribution to debates about what kind of theories and issues philosophy in general, and African philosophy in particular, should address in a world not confined to neat categories of what is original. It will certainly help shift the ground upon which contemporary discourse stands." – in: Journal of Asian and African Studies 47/4 (2012)
"… in a bold move – the kind that gives rise to discursive rupture and instantiates paradigm shift – Osha tries to set a broad new agenda for African philosophy. … Osha offers criticism of philosophers before him and his contemporaries too on a very high theoretical level. This results in an entirely new and highly original approach to the understanding of African philosophy. … Osha’s book provides a tool to understand African philosophy. It challenges all the authoritative positions in the domains of African philosophy and offers new ones. As such it is sure to give rise to debate beyond African continent and African philosophy." – in: Africa Insight 41/3 (December 2011)
Andrew Fitz-Gibbon: Editorial Foreword
Seth N. Asumah: Guest Foreword
Discourses of Decolonization
The Lure of Ethnophilosophy
An Anthropology of Colonialism and Contemporary Globalization
The Frontier of Interculturality
An Ethic of Culture and Memory
Agency and a Deterritorialized Literature
Figures of the African Female
The Poetics of Corruption in a Global Age
A Postcolonial Text and the Agency of Theory
The (Re)Colonization of Globality
Race and a Postmodern World
Sarah Baartman, Sexuality, and the Theater of Race
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