Social Justice, Poverty and Race

Normative and Empirical Points of View


A clear understanding of social justice requires complex rather than simple answers. It requires comfort with ambiguity rather than absolute answers. This is counter to viewing right versus wrong, just vs. unjust, or good vs. evil as dichotomies. This book provides many examples of where and how to begin to view these as continuums rather than dichotomies.

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Editorial Foreword
Joanna Swanger: Introduction to the Work
Theoretical Approaches to Social Justice
Lawrence J. Hanks: Barriers to Truth Concerning Social Justice: Towards an Understanding of the Challenging Quest for Social Justice
Wazir Mohamed: The Limits of Western Democracy: Ethnic Politics and its Constraints for Social Justice in Post-colonial Polyethnic Societies?
Jerome Dean Mahaffey: Imaginary Leaders: Resolving the Anonymity Problem for Modern Social Activism?
John M. Davis: International Perspectives on Social Justice
Dwight G. Watson: Murder on the Bayou: The Demand for Social Justice Following the Death of José Campos Torres
Teaching About Social Justice, Poverty and Race
Randall E. Osborne and Paul Kriese: Sociocentric Social Justice: Moving From “I’m Right” to “We’re Connected”
Karon LeCompte and Stephanie Sefcik: Navigating New Worlds of Social Justice in Teacher Education
Margaret A. Syverson: Social Justice and Evidence-Based Assessment With the Learning Record
Marilyn D. Moore: Bearing the Burden: Will the Elite be America’s Only College Educated?
Kevin D. Blair: Developing an Understanding of Best Practices for Teaching Undergraduate Students about Poverty
Practical Applications of Knowledge About Social Justice, Poverty and Race
Joanna Zubrzycki: Social Justice and the Integration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Worldviews in Australian Social Work Practice and Education
Sabry Shehata: Can GMO Solve World Hunger?
Elvinet S. Wilson: Reconceptualizing the Story of U.S. Cultural Adaptation?
Cecilia Giusti: Poverty, Immigration and Latinos in U.S. Texas Colonias
John E. Valdez: Victory in the Fields: César Chavez’s Quest for Dignity and Social Justice for Farm Workers Through Non-Violence and Spiritual Power
Paul Gomberg: Conclusion to the Work
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