From the Eye of the Storm

Regional Conflicts and the Philosophy of Peace


From the Eye of the Storm: Regional Conflicts and the Philosophy of Peace presents to the reader a cross section of an emerging field of study: the philosophy of peace. The editors bring together articles that explore the philosophic implications of many recent regional conflicts. Reflecting the diversity and vitality and any new field of study, this volume contains five sections: Conceptual Foundations; America's Homefront; Desert Storm Assessments; Jihad, Intifada, and Other Mideast Concerns; and Latin American Issues. The topics of the articles include war, militarism, patriotism, nationalism, nonviolence, conscientious objection, feminist peace, the media, the ethics of the Gulf War, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Islamic pacifism, and Latin American resistance. A concluding postscript assesses prospects for achieving peace and change within our fast changing international scene. This volume has an extensive bibliography of writings concerning peace and conflict and is suited to professional and student audiences.

Table of contents

Joseph C. KUNKEL: Editorial Foreword. Laurence F. BOVE and Laura Duhan KAPLAN: Preface: Paradigms for the Philosophy of Peace. Acknowledgments. SECTION I. CONCEPTUAL FOUNDATIONS. Introduction. William C. GAY: Militarism in the Modern State and World Government: The Limits of Peace through Strength in the Nuclear Age. Stephen NATHANSON: A Demilitarized Concept of Patriotism. David E. JOHNSON: The Concepts of Militarism. Warren HARRINGTON: Augustine's Stance on War. Linda Rennie FORCEY: Women as Peacemakers: Contested Terrain for Feminist Peace Studies. SECTION II: AMERICA'S HOMEFRONT. Introduction. Michael P. SENG: The Need for a Reevaluation of the Treatment of Conscientious Objection under the Laws of the United States. Barry L. GAN: Libya and the Failure of the U.S. Press: A Case Study. Richard WERNER: South Africa and the Consequences of Divestment. SECTION III: DESERT STORM ASSESSMENTS. Introduction. Jerald RICHARDS: George Bush, Justified War Morality, and the Gulf War. Joseph C. KUNKEL and Bruce M. TAYLOR: George Bush and the Gulf War: Measuring Values Maturity. James P. STERBA: War with Iraq: Just Another Unjust War. Jonathan SCHONSHECK: Geopolitical Realism, Morality, and the War in the Gulf. Frederick R. STRUCKMEYER: Reflections on a Mass Killing. Ron HIRSCHBEIN: Support Our Tropes: A Critique of Persian Gulf Discourse. SECTION IV: JIHAD, INTIFADA, AND OTHER MIDEAST CONCERNS. Introduction. Robert Paul CHURCHILL: Interpreting the Jihad of Islam: Muslim Militarism vs. Muslim Pacifism. Robert L. HOLMES: Nonviolence and the Intifada. Tomis KAPITAN: Self-Determination and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Laura Duhan KAPLAN: The Parable of the Levite's Concubine. SECTION V: LATIN AMERICAN ISSUES. Introduction. Laurence F. BOVE: From Nonviolence to a Just Revolutionary? Celina GARCIA: Political Idealism, Feminism, and Peace Studies: Lessons from Central America. SECTION VI: POSTSCRIPT: 1993. Introduction. Jack PERRY: Peace in the Middle East? Robert L. HOLMES: Bosnia: Resurgent Nationalism and the Need for Nonviolent Responses. Joseph C. KUNKEL: Somalia: Humanitarian Aid or Business as Usual? Duane CADY: Accepting Responsibility for U.S. Actions Abroad. Robert Paul CHURCHILL: Bosnia and Somalia: Why Is It so Hard to Stop Massacre and Genocide? About the Authors. Reference Bibliography. Index.