The Deepest Questions You Can Ask About God

As answered by the World’s Great Thinkers


William Gerber has matched his keen analysis of the key problems concerning God with a wealth of reflections from the wisdom of the ages. Thus, he has gotten the great thinkers of the world to work for him - and for you [...] This handy book has considerable value as a reference work while giving abundant thought to the reflective reader who wonders about God. Philosophy as an art of wondering must face the God questions. These are questions not only of God's existence, but of what God might exist as, of how we might know that, and of what such a God's relationship to human beings may be. Reading through this book is journeying through our humanity caught in a universe of wonder [...] Gerber's comments - critical, gentle, eminently reasonable - are a consolation as well as guide to the reader. Even if this work of erudition and inquiry doesn't answer all our questions about God, we are better human beings for reading it and taking it to heart. Maybe God could learn something about us from it too. – Robert Ginsberg, Executive Editor

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Foreword by the Series Editor. Preface. Acknowledgment. Note to the Reader. I. Introduction: What do we mean by God? PART I HOW SHOULD WE EVALUATE CONSIDERATIONS TENDING TO SHOW THAT THERE IS A GOD? Preliminary Perspectives. II. Does the Very Nature or Idea of a Divine Being Show That There Is a God? III. Does the Very Existence of the Cosmos Show That There Is a God? IV. Does the Presence of Design and Direction in the Universe Show That There Is a God? PART 2 IF GOD EXISTS, WHAT IS GOD'S NATURE? Preliminary Remarks. V. What Basic Attributes Together Characterize God? VI. How Is God Related to the Good? Is God a Person? Does God Know, Feel, and Will? VIII. What Other Significant Attributes Characterize God? PART 3 HOW IS GOD RELATED TO THE WORLD? IX. How Is God Related to the Cosmos in General? X. How Is God Related to Human Beings in Particular? Source References. Index of Authors (and Anonymous Documents) Quoted. About the Author.
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