The Philosophy of José Gaos

Edited by Myra Moss. Translated from Italian by Peter Cocozzella. Introduction by Giovanni Gullace


This book is a critical introduction for English-speaking philosophers to the main lines of thought of José Gaos, an outstanding twentieth-century philosopher who was active first in Spain and then in Mexico. The study traces philosophical methods and cultural themes in Spain, the European continent in general, and Latin America. The author skillfully applies phenomenology to the deep questions raised by Gaos concerning being, time, language, and meaning. Peter Cocozzella has painstakingly translated this ground-breaking study from Italian. Myra Moss and Giovanni Gullace have added useful introductory material. A comprehensive bibliography is included.
Values in Italian Philosophy (VIP) offers the English-speaking world outstanding works by classic and contemporary Italian thinkers as well as books on Italian philosophy.

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Editorial Foreword by Robert Ginsberg. Editorial Preface by Myra Moss. Introduction by Giovanni Gullace. A Note from the Translator by Peter Cocozzella. Author's Preface. ONE From Intellectual Apprenticeship to Exile. TWO The Phenomenology of Verbal Expression. 1. Introductory Remarks. 2. Definitions. THREE The Phenomenology of Categories. 1. The Theme of Existence. 2. Negation. FOUR From Phenomenology to the Theory of Categories. 1. Being and Existence in Relation to Finitude and Infinitude. 2. The Antinomies. FIVE The Theory of Categories. 1. The Raison d'être of the Categories of Reason. 2. From Transcendental Subject to Pathic Subject. SIX The Problem of Time. 1. Time, according to Dos exclusivas del hombre: La mano y el tiempo. 2. The Aspects of Time within Western Tradition. 3. Repeating the Problem of Time with Gaos and beyond Gaos. Notes. Bibliography. 1. Works by José Gaos. 2. Anthologies and Editions by José Gaos. 3. Translations by José Gaos. 4. Critical Literature on José Gaos. 5. Recommended Works on Spanish and Hispanic-American Philosophical Culture of José Gaos's Time. 6. Philosophical Works of Special Significance in Relation to José Gaos's Thought. 7. Other Recommended Philosophical Works. About the Author. About the Other Contributors. Index of Names.
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