Criticism and Defense of Rationality in Contemporary Philosophy


This book engages in critical discussion of the role of reason and rationality in philosophy, the human mind, ethics, science, and the social sciences. Philosophers from Poland, Germany, and the United States examine reason in the light of emotion, doubt, absolutes, implementation, and interpretation. They throw new light on old values.

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Table of contents

Foreword by Dane R. Gordon. Introduction by Dane R. Gordon and Józef Niznik. PART ONE: THE IDEA OF RATIONALITY AND PHILOSOPHY TODAY. ONE Józef NIZNIK: The Idea of Rationality and the Contemporary Status of Philosophy. TWO Wolfgang WELSCH: Rationality and Reason Today. PART TWO: THE HUMAN MIND AND RATIONALITY. THREE Robert PILAT: The Rationality of the Human Mind. Katarzyna ROSNER: Noam Chomsky, A Contemporary Version of Cartesianism. PART THREE: RATIONALITY AND ETHICS. FIVE Dane R. GORDON: Ethics, Reason, and Emotion. SIX Jacek HOLÓWKA: Precision and Doubt in Ethics. PART FOUR: IS SCIENCE RATIONAL? SEVEN John T. SANDERS: Incommensurability and Demarcation. EIGHT Alina MOTYCKA: Science and Rationality. PART FIVE: RATIONALITY IN SOCIAL SCIENCES. NINE Barbara TUCHA??N??SKA: Three Views on Rationality in the Social Sciences and Their Paradoxes. TEN Tadeusz BUKSI??N??SKI: The Rationality of Interpretation in Social Sciences. Bibliography. About the Contributors. Index.

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