Saving Possibilities

A Study in Philosophical Psychology


Bandherausgeber:in: Amihud Gilead
This book introduces a new metaphysics which deals with the psycho-physical problem in philosophical psychology, as well as with problems in the scientific standing of psychoanalysis and chaos theory, the feminine psyche, the possibility of cinematic illusion, meaningful madness, and why machines cannot think.

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Amihud Gilead was born in Jerusalem in 1947. He is married to Ruth and the father of Amir and Inbal. From 1989 till 1993, he was the chairperson of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Haifa, Israel. He has published three books and numerous papers on Spinoza, Kant, and Plato in English and Hebrew. His previous book, The Platonic Odyssey: A Philosophical-Literary Inquiry into the Phaedo, appeared in 1994 in this Series (Volume 17).
Philosophical Foreword. Psychoanalytic Foreword. Preface. ONE Psychophysical and Epistemological Modalities: An Introduction to Panenmentalism. TWO The Significance of the Negligible: Stories Told by Psychoanalysis and Chaology. THREE The Feminine Solution of the Sphinx's Riddle: Freud's Femininity Revised. FOUR How Is Cinematic Illusion Possible? FIVE Meaningful Madness. SIX Why Cannot Machines Think? References. About the Author. Index.