Asian and Oceanic Christianities in Conversation

Exploring Theological Identities at Home and in Diaspora

The old contrast between “universal” and “local” is now collapsing, but a new paradigm has yet to be defined. The contributors claim that the questions they raise will help redraw the lines of demarcation each in a unique way. Their collaborative result is a re-submission of the century-old question regarding “the essence of Christianity,” and the readers will hear answers to this question resounding in polyphonic voices. The book will make a unique contribution to the scholarship by constructing a common forum connecting diasporic Asians and Oceanians who live and work in regions around the Pacific Ocean. Publication in the field of theology has been thick on the American side of the Pacific, and the agenda of discussion are shaped largely in accordance with the concerns of those living on the North-American continent and in British Isles. Theologians living on the other side of the Pacific, while in daily contact with the multi-religious realities that beg theological attention, sometimes lack means of engaging in sustained discussion with other theologians who are similarly struggling to gain insights into different cultural contexts. This book will provide a shared ground for reflection and discussion.

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M. Thomas Thangaraj: An Overview: Asian and Oceanic Christianity in an Age of World Christianity
Hermeneutical Lenses for Reading Asian Experiences
Heup Young Kim: An Asian Journey Seeking Christian Wholeness: Owning Up to Our Own Metaphors ( Theotao)
Anri Morimoto: Contextualized and Cumulative: Tradition, Orthodoxy and Identity from the Perspective of Asian Theology
Peter C. Phan: An Asian Christian? Or a Christian Asian? Or an Asian-Christian? A Roman Catholic Experiment on Christian Identity
R.S. Sugirtharajah: Texts and Terrorism: Communal Strife, Sacred Scriptures and Secular Stories
Angela Wai Ching Wong: The Economy of God-talk in Asia: A Cultural Materialist Critique
Text & Context: Theological Readings of Asian Faith Experiences
Hisako Kinukawa: Pacifism: its Frustration and an Alternative
J. Jayakiran Sebastian: The Guide Who Stands Aside: Confessing Christ in India Today
Benoît Vermander: Blessed are the Peacemakers: The Search for an East Asian Reading
Voices & Visions: Asians and Pacific Islanders in Diaspora, their Global Connections, Challenges, and Prospects
Seforosa Carroll: Reimagining Home: a Diasporic Perspective on Encounters with the Religious Other in Australia
Charles E. Farhadian: Emerging Theology on an Asian Frontier: History and the Future of Memories in West Papua, Indonesia
Jione Havea: Pasifika Secrets
Fumitaka Matsuoka: Learning to Speak a New Tongue: Imagining a Way That Holds People Together
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