Efficacité / Efficacy

How To Do Things With Words and Images?


This book aims at offering a broad survey of the encounter between word and image studies and anthropology and to demonstrate the mutual benefits of this dialogue for both disciplines in the three fields of the image (Marin), the social history of writing (Petrucci), and memory (Yates). The themes discussed by the contributors to this volume, all specialists in their field, highlight each in their specific field one or more aspects of the agency of both text and image. Bridging the gap between the Anglo-Saxon and the Latin research traditions, this bilingual volume focuses on three major questions: What do we do with texts and images? How do texts and images become active cultural agents? And what do texts and images help us do? Contributions cover a wide range of topics and disciplines (from visual poetry to garden theory and from ekphrasis to new media art), and represent therefore the best possible overview of what cutting-edge analysis in word and image studies stands for today.

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Béatrice Fraenkel: Introduction
Efficacy of Premodern Words and Images/Efficacité des mots et images prémodernes
Isabelle Saint-Martin: L’image “Bible des pauvres”, du postulat grégorien au mythe romantique, l’efficacité d’un argument fondateur
Corneliu Dragomirescu: La production d’un sens nouveau: images et rubriques face au texte dramatique dans les manuscrits médiévaux
Massimo Leone: (In)efficacy of Words and Images in Sixteenth-Century Franciscan Missions in Mesoamerica: Semiotic Features and Cultural Consequences
Eric T. Haskell: Versailles and Its Others: Efficacy and the Arts in the Absolutist Agenda
James J. Yoch: Royal Inefficacy: Pastoral Subversions in the Scenes of Versailles
Efficacy of Words and Images in Literature/Efficacité des mots et images en littérature
Maria Ignez Mena Barreto: L’impact de la représentation iconique dans l’économie de l’écriture autobiographique de Stendhal
Serge Linares: Après Mallarmé: l’héritage du Coup de dés dans l’avant-garde poétique française des années dix
Anna Estera Mrozewicz: Ekphrasis in the Presence of the Image: Inger Christensen on Painting and Jørgen Leth on Film
Matthijs Engelberts: Showing/Telling: The Social and Medial Context of a Malleable Notion
Efficacy and Space/Efficacité et espace
Thomas Golsenne: L’intensification du lieu: la puissance expressive de la saturation ornementale
Shigeru Oikawa: Efficacités de la caricature: Georges Bigot et le salon des beaux-arts à l’Exposition intérieure de Kyoto en 1895
Kate Kangaslahti: Absence/Presence: The Efficacy of Text, Image, and Space at the 1937 Exposition internationale
Danielle Leenaerts: L’œuvre comme dispositif réflexif dans l’art d’Alfredo Jaar, de 1979 à 1986
Dangerous Efficacy/Dangereuse éfficacité
Bernward Schmidt: La censure dans l’image—des images de la censure: l’Index des livres interdits
Bernard Vouilloux: De l’efficacité des images érotiques à l’efficience érotique des œuvres
Stéphane Lojkine: Érotique de l’effondrement scénique: efficacité sadienne de l’image
William Olmsted: Improper Appearances: Censorship and the Carriage Scene in Madame Bovary
Lauren S. Weingarden: Manet’s Realism and the Erotic Gaze: Photography, Pornography, and Censorship
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