The European Union and Asia

Reflections and Re-orientations


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This volume represents the first, in-depth, inter-disciplinary, analysis of the past, present and future of the European Union’s relations with countries, non-state actors and other partners across the Asia-Pacific region. The book is situated in the developing, interdisciplinary, discourse of EU foreign policy towards countries and regions across Asia, and it offers a research-led critique of the construction and the elements of the EU-Asia ‘political space’. Written by an international team of experts from both Asia and Europe, the volume investigates the historical and cultural background, as well as diverse representations and imaginations in regard to the Asia-Europe inter-continental dialogue. The book examines the varied patterns, policies and priorities of the contemporary political, economic and cultural relations linking the EU with its interlocutors in Asia. Moreover, this collection throws light on a selected number of issues pertinent to current EU-Asia interaction, such as human rights promotion, learning and educational exchange, and the role of the mass media in the construction of Asia-Europe relations. The twelve chapters in this book cover a wide scope of subjects, including the EU’s Relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the summitry of the Asia-Europe Meetings (ASEM), EU foreign policy choices in Asia and EU contacts with Central Asia, Australia and New Zealand. This text is of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers, the business community, decision-makers and practitioners in Politics, European Studies, Asia-Pacific Studies, International Relations, Law, Human Rights and Business Studies.

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”It’s not always easy to draw a collection of essays into a coherent whole. In this case the editors are to be congratulated for assembling a knowledgeable group of experts….” in: International Relations of the Asia Pacific, January 2008
Authors in this volume
Peter ANDERSON and Georg WIESSALA: Introduction
Foundations and Representations
Apirat PETCHSIRI: Asia in the Making of Europe, Europe’s Heritage in Asia and Asia as Europe’s Other
Natalia CHABAN, Martin HOLLAND and Christian Elias SCHNEIDER: International News and Local Contexts: Framing of the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy in New Zealand Newspapers (2004-2005)
Peter ANDERSON: Speaking the East, Framing the East or Shaping the East?
Michael SMITH and Natee VICHITSORASATRA: The European Union as a Foreign Policy Actor in Asia: Defining and Theorising EU-Asia Relations
Policies and Patterns
David FOUQUET and Paul LIM: Constructive Engagement and the Policy of Disposition: Three Case Studies of EU-Asia Policy
Carlo FILIPPINI: Beyond the Triadic World Order: the Role and Patterns of Trade and Economics in EU-Asia Relations
Yeo Lay HWEE: The Inter-regional Dimension of EU-Asia Relations: EU-ASEAN and the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Process
John QUIGLEY: EU-Asia Relations and the Role of European Union CFSP Special Representatives
Issues, Regions and Partners
Christopher WILLIAMS: EU-Central Asia Relations and the New World Order
Georg WIESSALA: Political Morality, Normative Territories and Non-interference: Human Rights as ‘Enabling’ and ‘Inhibiting’ Agents in EU-Asia Relations
Philomena MURRAY: The EU and Australia: Beyond the ‘Tyranny of Distance’?
Georg WIESSALA: ‘Re-orienting’ the Global Learning Experience: Higher Education in the Relations Between the European Union and Asia and the Subject of ‘European Studies’
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