The European Union and China

Interests and Dilemmas


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This volume brings together the best of contemporary critical analysis of EU-China relations, offered here by an international team of policy analysts, academics and practitioners. The fifteen chapters assembled in this book represent a wide-ranging investigation of the development and framework of EU-China relations and its wider geo-political context. This includes an examination of key areas of concern, such as human rights, economic cooperation, energy security, sports, maritime safety and media policy. Many aspects of EU-China relations covered in this title have, until now, not been available for systematic scrutiny by a wider public. Importantly, this collection presents an examination of the significance of China’s relations with selected global partners – such as the US, Russia, India and Central Asia – for the further evolution of Sino-EU interaction. It should be read by anyone interested in EU foreign policies, the future of China-EU strategic partnership, China’s place in the world, and the development of a multi-polar world order.

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“…excellent European Studies series…” in: Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol. 43, No. 5, 2005
Authors in this volume
Pradeep Taneja, Georg Wiessala and John Wilson: Introduction
The Context of EU-China Relations and the Human Rights Dilemma
Nicholas Rees: EU-China Relations: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Fraser Cameron: The Development of EU-China Relations
Natee Vichitsoratsatra: The EU and China in the Context of Inter-Regionalism
Georg Wiessala: Duality - Dialogue - Discourse: Some Perspectives on Human Rights in EU-China Relations
David Askew: Sport and Politics: The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Aspects of the Geo-political Setting of EU-China Interaction
Jenny Clegg: China Views Europe: A Multi-Polar Perspective
Rajendra K. Jain : The European Union and China: Indian Perceptions and Perspectives
Christopher Williams: Russia’s Closer Ties with China: The Geo-politics of Energy and the Implications for The European Union
Michael Smith and Huaixian Xie: The European Union, China and The United States: Complex Interdependence and Bi-Multilateralism in Commercial Relations
Paul Joseph Lim: The European Union’s Economic Ties with The Republic of China (Taiwan)
Issues – Policies – Perceptions
Peter J. Anderson: China, News Media Freedom and the West: Present and Future Perspectives
Carlo Filippini: Trade and Investment in the Relations between the European Union and the People’s Republic of China
Valeria Gattai: EU-China Foreign Direct Investment: A Double-Sided Perspective
Pradeep Taneja: China’s Search for Energy Security and EU-China Relations
Zou Keyuan: Recent Chinese Practice in the Maintenance of Maritime Security and the European Experience
Georg Wiessala, Pradeep Taneja, John Wilson: Conclusions: Towards an EU-China Research-Agenda 2010
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