Exile in and from Czechoslovakia during the 1930s and 1940s


This volume focuses on a previously under-researched area, namely exile in and from Czechoslovakia in the years prior to the Second World War as well as during the wartime and post-war periods. The study considers, firstly, the refugees from Germany and Austria who fled to Czechoslovakia during the 1930s; secondly, the refugees from Czechoslovakia, both German and Czech-speaking, who arrived in Britain in or around 1938 as refugees from Fascism; and thirdly, those who fled from Communism in 1948. From a variety of perspectives, the book examines the refugees’ activities and achievements in a range of fields, both on a collective and an individual basis. The volume will be of interest to scholars and students of twentieth century history, politics and cultural studies as well as those involved in Central European Studies and Exile Studies. It will also appeal to a general readership with an interest in Britain and Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.

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Magali Laure Nieradka: Der Mann von Proseč – Über die Familie Mann und Rudolf Fleischmann
Anna Janištinová: Deutsche Künstler im Prager Exil 1933–1938
Jens Brüning: Hans Jaeger in Prag
Wilfried Weinke: ‘Dieser rothaarige, fast immer erregte und Erregung hervorrufende Mann’: Justin Steinfeld und Die Wahrheit
Sylva Simsova: Who were the Pre-Second World War Refugees from Czechoslovakia?
Milan Hauner: Beginnings of the Czechoslovak Government in Exile 1939–1941
Jana Buresova: The Czech Refugee Trust Fund in Britain 1939–1950
Susan Cohen: Eleanor Rathbone: Responding to the Czech Refugee Crisis of 1938
Jan Lánícek: The Czechoslovak Jewish Political Exile in the United Kingdom during World War II
Devana Pavlik: Czechoslovak Publications issued in Britain during World War II
Jutta Raab Hansen: Czechoslovak Musicians in British Exile 1939–1945
Andrea Hammel: ‘Why is your Czech so bad?’ Czech Child Refugees, Language and Identity
Jennifer Taylor: Publication Prospects for German-Bohemian Writers in London: Ludwig Winder
Jörg Thunecke: ‘Quamvis sub aqua, sub aqua maledicere temptant’? Johannes Urzidils Stellung zur Frage der Deutschen in der Tschechoslowakei von den 1920er Jahren bis in die Nachkriegszeit: eine Stimme im ‘großen Froschteich der Emigration’
Ingrid Hudabiunigg: Eduard Goldstückers Hoffnung auf einen ‘Sozialismus mit menschlichem Antlitz’
Claudia Rosoux: Ernst Sommer and I