The Kindertransport to Britain 1938/39

New Perspectives


This volume examines the Kindertransport to Britain 1938/39. The seventeen contributions provide various new perspectives, which are investigated for the first time in this volume. Chapters focus on the Kindertransport in British historiography, on the identity development of specific groups of Kindertransportees, on the Kindertransportees’ further migration pattern, and on Kindertransport literature. Further contributions include a comparative study of Kindertransportees and evacuees, an article on therapeutic work with former Kindertransportees and reports on various memorial and cultural projects. The volume questions widely held myths and assumptions and provides new insights into the Kindertransport phenomenon.

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Andrea Hammel and Bea Lewkowicz: Preface
Anthony Grenville: The Kindertransports: An Introduction
Caroline Sharples: The Kindertransport in British Historical Memory
Jennifer Craig-Norton: Polish Kinder and the Struggle for Identity
Jana Burešová: Nicholas Winton, Man and Myth: A Czech Perspective
Frances Williams: Migration after the Kindertransport: The Scottish Legacy?
Alexandra Ludewig: The Last of the Kindertransports. Britain to Australia, 1940
Simone Gigliotti and Monica Tempian: From Europe to the Antipodes: Acculturation and Identity of the Deckston Children and Kindertransport Children in New Zealand
Edward Timms: The Ordeals of Kinder and Evacuees in Comparative Perspective
Andrea Hammel: The Future of Kindertransport Research: Archives, Diaries, Databases, Fiction
Ruth Barnett: Therapeutic Aspects of Working Through the Trauma of the Kindertransport Experience
Leslie Baruch Brent: Writing the Life of a Kindertransportee: Memories and Challenges
Julia K. Baker: From Other People’s Houses into Shakespeare’s Kitchen: The Story of Lore Segal and How She Looked for Adventures and Where She Found Them
Lorena Silos Ribas: The Experience of Space in Lore Segal’s Other People’s Houses
Martin Modlinger: ‘You can’t change names and feel the same’: The Kindertransport Experience of Susi Bechhöfer in W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz
Cordula Lissner and Ursula Reuter: ,... um an der Verlegung der Schule nach England teilzunehmen.’ Ein Gedenkstättenprojekt zur Erinnerung an die Kindertransporte aus Köln und der Region
Bea Lewkowicz: Refugee Voices (The AJR Audio-Visual Testimony Archive): A New Resource for the Study of the Kindertransport
Hermann Hirschberger: The AJR Kindertransport Survey: Making New Lives in Britain