Refugees from the Third Reich in Britain


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Table of contents

Anthony GRENVILLE: Preface
Elke SEEFRIED: ‘A noteworthy contribution in the fight against Nazism’: Hubertus Prinz zu Löwenstein im Exil
Patricia CLAVIN: ‘A Wandering Scholar’ in Britain and the USA, 1933-45: The Life and Work of Moritz Bonn
Wilfried WEINKE: ‘England find ich gut!’ Facetten aus Leben und Werk des Autors Robert Muller
Steven W. LAWRIE: ‘Es soll diese Spur doch bleiben…’ Hans Jacobus: Exile, National Socialism and the Holocaust
Gillian LATHEY: Eulenspiegel to Owlyglass: The Impact of the Work of the Exiled Illustrators Walter Trier and Fritz Wegner on British Children’s Literature
Ulrike WALTON-JORDAN: ‘Although he is Jewish, he is M&S’: Jewish Refugees from Nazism and Marks & Spencer from the 1930s to the 1960s
Jennifer TAYLOR: Into Exile: Ernst Sommer in London
Ursula HUDSON-WIEDENMANN: Exil in Großbritannien: Die Keramikerin Grete Loebenstein-Marks
Andrea HAMMEL: Selma Kahn – A Provincial Exile
Jon HUGHES: AJR Information in the Context of German-language Exile Journal Publication, 1933-1945
Anthony GRENVILLE: Listening to Refugee Voices: The Association of Jewish Refugees Information and Research on the Refugees from Hitler in Britain


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