'Stimme der Wahrheit'

German-Language Broadcasting by the BBC


The essays contained in this volume were originally delivered as papers to a conference on the German-language broadcasting of the BBC, held in London in 2002. For over sixty years, the BBC German Service was Britain's most authoritative voice to the German-speaking world, representing a virtual paradigm of British cultural and political attitudes towards Germany and Austria - and helping to define their perceptions of Britain and the British.
Despite the BBC's enormous cultural standing and influence, however, this volume is the first to evaluate the Corporation's German-language broadcasting since the BBC German Service was closed down in 1999. The essays fall into three broad categories: German-language broadcasting during the Second World War, broadcasting to Germany and Austria during the Cold War, and finally a series of personal accounts from former employees of the Service. The volume will be of interest to scholars and students of broadcasting (including media studies) as well as those involved in German Studies and in German and Austrian Exile Studies.
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Biographical Note

Charmian Brinson studied German in London and is now Professor of German Studies at Imperial College, London. She has published widely on German-speaking exile in Great Britain, particularly on political exiles and women in exile. Publications include: The Strange Case of Dora Fabian and Mathilde Wurm: A study of German Political Exile in London during the 1930s (1997).
Richard Dove studied French and German in Oxford and is now Professor of German at the University of Greenwich. He has published widely on Expressionism and German-speaking exile, particularly on theatre and cabaret. Publications include: Ernst Toller. Ein Leben in Deutschland (1993), Journey of No Return. Five German-speaking literary Exiles in London 1933-45 (2000) (German edition: Fremd ist die Stadt und leer, 2003)

Review Quotes

”The Yearbook of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies has established itself as a must-read for anyone interested in the field of Exile Studies in Britain and internationally. This fifth volume is no exception…” in: The Modern Language Review, Vol. 100.3, 2005, pp. 855-6
“…gehört […] in jede Bibliothek…” in: The German Quarterly, Vol. 78, No. 2, Spring 2005

Table of contents

‘London Calling’: Broadcasting to the Enemy
Charmian BRINSON: ‘Patrick Smith bei den Österreichern’: the BBC Austrian Service in Wartime
Deborah VIETOR-ENGLÄNDER: Hermynia Zur Mühlen and the BBC
Jennifer TAYLOR: Grete Fischer: ‘Outside Writer’ for the BBC
Richard DOVE: ‘It tickles my Viennese humour’: Feature Programmes in the BBC Austrian Service, 1943-1945.
Broadcasting for a Post-war Germany.
Toby THACKER: ‘Liberating German Musical Life’: The BBC German Service and Planning for Music Control in Occupied Germany 1944-1949
Jens BRÜNING: Die BBC als Vorbild für den Nachkriegsrundfunk in Deutschland
Steven LAWRIE: ‘Ein Urviech und eine Seele von Mensch’: Erich Fried at the BBC
Hans-Ulrich WAGNER: Über alle Hindernisse hinweg: London-Remigranten in der westdeutschen Rundfunkgeschichte
Kristin REBIEN: Burned Bridges. The Rise and Fall of the Former BBC Journalist Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler in East Germany
The BBC German Service Remembered
Lorle LOUIS-HOFFMANN: My Years at the Bush House, 1940-1945
Alfred STARKMANN: Changing the Guard: The Transition from Emigrés to Recruits on the Staff of the BBC’s German Service
Wladimir OSTROGORSKI: Der bewunderte Rivale oder der Londoner Rundfunk als heimliches Vorbild
Peter B. JOHNSON: Working as the BBC’s German Service. Representative and News Correspondent in West Berlin, 1965-1970
Merete BLATZ: ‘Tips für Touristen’ (1972-1999): Das Programm und dessen Rolle als Botschafter Großbritanniens und Fenster zum Westen

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