Themes from Wittgenstein and Quine


The volume contains new essays on Wittgenstein and on Quine.
Six essays discuss crucial aspects of Wittgenstein’s philosophy of mathematics: Wittgenstein’s ontological quietism in relation to the realism vs. anti-realism debate, his thesis that mathematical propositions are rules of grammar, his perspectives on the nature of numbers, and on equinumerosity and surveyability, his treatment of mathematical formulas, and his disagreements with Brouwer over the infinite and the law of excluded middle.
Six essays are dedicated to the philosophy of Willard Van Orman Quine: they discuss Quine’s stance towards the notion of meaning in linguistics and philosophy, his thesis of the indeterminacy of radical translation, his naturalism in semantics, his brand of nominalism, and his attempt to reconstruct possible worlds within an extensionalist framework.
Contributors are: Oswald Chateaubriand, Pasquale Frascolla, Dirk Greimann, Peter Hylton, Guido Imaguire, Mathieu Marion, Felix Mühlhölzer, Mitsuhiro Okada, Esther Ramharter, Ian Rumfitt, Pedro Santos, Severin Schroeder, Rogério Passos Severo.

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Special Topic I. Wittgenstein (Guest Editors: Kai Büttner, Florian Demont, David Dolby, Anne-Katrin Schlegel)
Pasquale Frascolla: Realism, Anti-Realism, Quietism: Wittgenstein’s Stance
Severin Schroeder: Mathematical Propositions as Rules of Grammar
Felix Mühlhölzer: How Arithmetic is about Numbers. A Wittgensteinian Perspective
Mathieu Marion & Mitsuhiro Okada: Wittgenstein on Equinumerosity and Surveyability
Esther Ramharter: Wittgenstein on Formulae
Ian Rumfitt: Brouwer versus Wittgenstein on the Infinite and the Law of Excluded Middle

Special Topic II. Quine (Guest Editor: Dirk Greimann)
Peter Hylton: Significance in Quine
Rogério Passos Severo: Are there Empirical Cases of Indeterminacy of Translation?
Oswaldo Chateaubriand: Some Critical Remarks on Quine’s Thought Experiment of Radical Translation
Dirk Greimann: A Tension in Quine’s Naturalistic Ontology of Semantics
Guido Imaguire: In Defense of Quine’s Ostrich Nominalism
Pedro Santos: Quinean Worlds: Possibilist Ontology in an Extensionalist Framework
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