China, East Asia and the European Union

Strong Economics, Weak Politics?


In China, East Asia and the European Union specialist authors from both Europe and Asia reflect on the dynamic relationship between the three actors from an International Relations perspective. The book is a testimony to China’s seemingly unstoppable rise, both in the East Asian region and in the relationship with the EU and its member states. The authors investigate why the economic links between the European Union and East Asia have become so firmly established, while in comparison the political bond has remained underdeveloped. They conclude that the crises the EU is currently facing seriously affect its manoeuvring space vis-a-vis China and its neighbours, both economically and politically.

Contributors are: Ding Chun, Neil Duggan, Enrico Fardella, Frank Gaenssmantel, Tjalling Halbertsma, Daniel R Hammond, Jan van der Harst, Elisa Hörhager, Jing Jing, Werner Pascha, Sanne Kamerling, David Kerr, Silja Keva, Christopher K. Lamont, Li Junyang, Feng Liu, Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Nadya Stoynova, and Herman Voogsgeerd.

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Jan van der Harst is professor of European Integration at the University of Groningen. He is academic director at the Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen (CEASG), director of the Dutch Studies Center at Fudan University, and director of the Tsinghua-Groningen Research Center at Tsinghua University.

Tjalling Halbertsma is professor of East Asian Studies with a focus on modern-day Mongolia at the University of Groningen, and Director International at the Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen (CEASG).
"[...] a systematic and insightful collection that explores the latent complexities of EU-East Asian relations. By designing a composition of discerning essays, Harst and Halbertsma achieve the commendable goal of creating an approachable text that appeals to both an academic and wider audience. Through its fusion of concision and rigourthe book provides researchers, both undergraduate and graduate, with a secure foundation for future research in this rapidly developing field."
Conor Dowling (Ulster University), in Sociological Research Online, November 2017

Acknowledgements ix
List of Figures and Tables xi
List of Abbreviations xii
List of Contributors xv

1 Introduction: China, East Asia and the European Union—Strong Economics, Weak Politics? 1
Jan van der Harst and Tjalling Halbertsma


2 Overcoming Economic Weakness in Japan and the EU: The Role of Political Entrepreneurship and the Political Economy of Reforms 15
Werner Pascha

3 The Sino-EU Economic Relationship under the Sovereign Debt Crisis 34
Ding Chun and Li Junyang

4 Trade and Economic Relationships in East Asia: Does Globalization Lead to Higher Legalization? 55
Herman Voogsgeerd


5 Weak Politics—Depoliticization as Strategic Choice: an Analysis of Chinese Priorities in Sino-EU Relations 73
Daniel R. Hammond and Jing Jing

6 Same Name, Different Substance? Exploring the Impact of Issue Perceptions on China-EU Relations 91
Frank Gaenssmantel and Liu Feng

7 Misunderstanding and Convergence in Sino-Italian Relations During the Cold War: Implications for the Present 113
Enrico Fardella

8 How are Norms Resisted? Insights from China’s Engagement in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization 129
Nadya Stoynova


9 EU-Asia Security Cooperation: Security Cooperation Between the People’s Republic of China and the European Union 155
Neil Duggan

10 Taking or Avoiding—the Path to China-US Rivalry: European Perspectives and Responses 169
David Kerr

11 Reconceptualizing EU-East Asia Security Cooperation: Process, Norms and the Quality of Interaction 186
Susanne Kamerling

12 Sovereignty Over the Skies: The European Union and East Asia’s Air Defense Identification Zones 203
Christopher K. Lamont


13 The EU Pivot Towards Southeast Asia: Between Regional Integration and Security Dynamics 217
Elisa Hörhager

14 Asia-Europe Parliamentary Dialog: Strong Economics, Strong Politics but What Value? 233
Silja Keva

15 A Cinderella Story: The Asian Development Bank and its European Member States 253
Maaike Okano-Heijmans

16 Concluding Remarks 271
Jan van der Harst and Tjalling Halbertsma

Bibliography 277
Index 299
All interested in the political economy and international relations of China, European Union and East Asia, as well as political scientists and policy makers.