Rethinking Private Higher Education

Ethnographic Perspectives from the Middle East and Beyond


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Rethinking Private Higher Education takes the university as a core institution in modern nation states, which is currently undergoing a serious revision. It offers fresh insights into the actual meaning of ‘private’ in different higher education contexts, contributing to a deeper understanding of the actual effects of global policies in local contexts through ethnographies. This book explores how private universities were established, their context and history, and their changing business models and operations.

The strengths of this book are its ethnographic detail, which shows the complexity and fast changing forms of private higher education, and its reluctance to jump to simplified labelling of public and private. It is a model for further ethnographic studies of local developments in higher education.

Contributors are: Ayça Alemdaroğlu, Daniele Cantini, Carmela Chávez Irigoyen, Enrico Ille, Sylvie Mazzella, Alexander Mitterle, Annemarie Profanter, and Susan Wright.

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Daniele Cantini, Ph.D. (2006), University of Modena (Italy), is Senior Research Fellow at the Research Cluster “Society and Culture in Motion”, University of Halle (Germany). He authored Youth and Education in the Middle East: Shaping Identity and Politics in Jordan (Tauris, 2016).
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Introduction: Rethinking Private Higher Education
Daniele Cantini

Chapter 1: The Global Trade in Higher Education
Ayça Alemdaroğlu

Chapter 2: The Free Market and Higher Education
Carmela Chávez Irigoyen

Chapter 3: Challenges and Stakes in the Construction of a Private Market in Higher Education in Tunisia
Sylvie Mazzella

Chapter 4: Political, Financial and Moral Aspects of Sudan's Private Higher Education
Enrico Ille

Chapter 5: Private Universities and the State in Egypt at a Time of Social and Political Change
Daniele Cantini

Chapter 6: University is a Private Matter
Annemarie Profanter

Chapter 7: Stratification of Higher Education in German Private Higher Education
Alexandre Mitterle

Susan Wright

The volume is of interest to social scientists interested in ethnographic analyses of private universities, and anyone concerned with the layering of public and private in the contemporary world.
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