The Caves of Qumran

Proceedings of the International Conference, Lugano 2014


In Qumran studies, the attention of scholars has largely been focused on the Dead Sea Scrolls, while archaeology has concentrated above all on the settlement. This volume presents the proceedings of an international conference (Lugano 2014) dedicated entirely to the caves of Qumran. The papers deal with both archaeological and textual issues, comparing the caves in the vicinity of Qumran between themselves and their contents with the other finds in the Dead Sea region. The relationships between the caves and the settlement of Qumran are re-examined and their connections with the regional context are investigated. The original inventory of the materials excavated from the caves by Roland de Vaux is published for the first time in appendix to the volume.

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Marcello Fidanzio, Ph.D. (2013), is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Theology of Lugano. He is also a research associate at the École Biblique et Archéologique Française of Jerusalem, where he is entrusted with the final report of the excavations of the caves of Qumran directed by Roland de Vaux.
"Neben wichtigem Bekanntem finden sich hier kaum weniger bedeutsame, oft vernachlässigte oder bisher unbekannte Details zum Verhältnis von archäologischem und handschriftlichem Befund, von Höhlen und der Gemeinschaft der Texte von Qumran versammelt, die in einer noch jungen Phase der Qumranforschung, aber auch grundsätzlich immer wieder eingehend zu überprüfen sind, um das Bild, wo nötig, korrigieren zu können. Dem Herausgeber und nicht zuletzt natürlich den Autoren gebührt für die dazu präsentierte anregende Fülle an Befunden großer Dank." - Peter Porzig, in: Zeitschriften- und Bücherschau, 2018
"Die Zusammenfassung einer internationalen Konferenz 2014 kann als Standardwerk zur Qumranforschung bezeichnet werden." - in: Welt und Umwelt der Bibel, 2018
"The volume is destined to prove a useful and profitable tool for textual scholars of the dead Sea Scrolls and archeologists seeking to understand the caves of Qumran in all their dimensions.... It paints a "big picture" of the Qumran caves and illustrates diverse associations between the caves, Scrolls, and site." - Asaf Gayer, in: Dead Sea Discoveries, 2019

George J. Brooke

Marcello Fidanzio

Part 1: Topography

1 The Qumran Caves in their Regional Context: A Chronological Review with a Focus on Bar Kokhba Assemblages
Joan E. Taylor

2 Cacher et se cacher à Qumrân : grottes et refuges. Morphologie, fonctions, anthropologie
Jean-Baptiste Humbert

Part 2: Manuscripts
3 The Contents of the Manuscripts from the Caves of Qumran
Florentino García Martínez

4 The Profile and Character of Qumran Cave 4Q: The Community Rule Manuscripts as a Test Case
Charlotte Hempel

5 Scribal Characteristics of the Qumran Scrolls
Emanuel Tov

6 La paléographie des manuscrits de la mer Morte
Emile Puech

Part 3: Other Finds
7 Terracotta Oil Lamps (Roland de Vaux’s Excavations of the Caves)
Jolanta Młynarczyk

8 The Unpublished Textiles from the Qumran Caves 123
Mireille Bélis

9 Miscellaneous Artefacts from the Qumran Caves: An Exploration of their Significance
Dennis Mizzi

10 The Distribution of Tefillin Finds among the Judean Desert Caves
Yonatan Adler

Part 4: Chronology, Functions, Connections
11 When and Why Were Caves Near Qumran and in the Judaean Desert Used?
Mladen Popović

12 The Connection between the Site of Qumran and the Scroll Caves in Light of the Ceramic Evidence
Jodi Magness

13 The Functions of the Caves and the Settlement of Qumran: Reflections on a New Chapter of Qumran Research
Jürgen K. Zangenberg

Part 5: Short Papers
14 The Inscriptional Evidence from Qumran and its Relationship to the Cave 4Q Documents
Sidnie White Crawford

15 The Coins of Khirbet Qumran from the Digs of Roland De Vaux: Returning to Henri Seyrig and Augustus Spijkerman
Bruno Callegher

16 Dating the Scroll Deposits of the Qumran Caves: A Question of Evidence
Gregory L. Doudna

17 History of the “Qumran Caves” in the Iron Age in the Light of the Pottery Evidence
Mariusz Burdajewicz

18 Finds from the Qumran Caves: Roland de Vaux’s Inventory of the Excavations (1949–1956)
Marcello Fidanzio and Jean-Baptiste Humbert

Index of Modern Authors
Index of Sites and Place Names
Qumran scholars (both texts and material culture), Bible scholars, archaeologists, and all interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
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