Taming the TAME Systems


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This volume on TAME systems (Tense-aspect-mood-evidentiality) stems from the 10th Chronos conference that took place in Aston University (Birmingham, UK) on 18th-20th April 2011. The papers collated here are therefore a chosen selection from a stringent peer-review process. They also witness to the width and breadth of the interests pursued within the Chronos community. Besides the traditional Western European languages, this volume explores languages from Eastern Europe (Greek, Romanian, Russian) and much further afield such as Brazilian Portuguese, Korean or Mandarin Chinese. Little known languages from the Amazonian forest (Amondawa, Baure) or the Andes (Aymara) also come under scrutiny.

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Emmanuelle Labeau is a Senior Lecturer in French Language and Linguistics. She has published extensively on the aspect-temporal system of French as a first and second language. She has edited half a dozen volumes dedicated to the crosslinguistic study of TAME. Her current research focuses on the past historic, the future and movement periphrases.

Qiaochao Zhang teaches Mandarin at Aston University while writing up her PhD dissertation on the acquisition of the Mandarin aspectual system by l2 learners.

Emmanuelle Labeau and Qiaochao Zhang: Presentation
Swintha Danielsen: Observing the evolution of TMA particles – Replacing agglutinating strategies
Alan Wallington: Uncertain futures: what light can metaphor shed upon the conceptualisation of time?
Christine Paul: The imprecision of tense and its communicative use
Hongyuan Sun: Evidence against a scope analysis of temporally free readings of relative clauses in Mandarin
Fabienne Martin: Relative stupidity and past tenses
Roberlei Bertucci: Aspectual verbs: their complements and operations
Jiyoung Choi: On the universality of aspectual classes: inchoative states in Korean
Gianina Iordǎchioaia, Artemis Alexiadou and Elena Soare: The structural source of stative nominalizations from psych verbs
Olga Batiukova, Pier Marco Bertinetto, Alessandro Lenci and Alessandra Zarcone: Identifying actional features through semantic priming: cross-Romance comparison
Alexandra Vraciu: Encoding complex events in advanced English L2 productions: the role of aspect in the expression of simultaneity
M. Rafael Salaberry: Custódio Martins Differential distribution of Spanish Preterite and Imperfect with iterated eventualities
José Amenós-Pons: Spanish ‘Imperfecto’ vs. French ‘Imparfait’ in hypothetical clauses: a procedural account
Alda Mari: Overt and covert modality in generic sentences
Agnès Celle and Laure Lansari: On the mirative meaning of aller + infinitive compared with its equivalents in English
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