The Peoples of Northeast Asia through Time

Precolonial Ethnic and Cultural Processes along the Coast between Hokkaido and the Bering Strait

The focus of Richard Zgusta’s The Peoples of Northeast Asia through Time is the formation of indigenous and cultural groups of coastal northeast Asia, including the Ainu, the “Paleoasiatic” peoples, and the Asiatic Eskimo. Most chapters begin with a summary of each culture at the beginning of the colonial era, which is followed by an interdisciplinary reconstruction of prehistoric cultures that have direct ancestor-descendant relationships with the modern ones. An additional chapter presents a comparative discussion of the ethnographic data, including subsistence patterns, material culture, social organization, and religious beliefs, from a diachronic viewpoint. Each chapter includes maps and extensive references.

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Richard Zgusta, Ph.D. (1987), Tokyo University, is Professor of Anthropology at Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University. He has published articles and monographs on culture history and ethnic architecture, including “Dwelling Space in Eastern Asia” (Publications of Osaka University of Foreign Studies, 1991).
Anyone interested in Northern peoples and cultures, especially those of coastal northeast Asia, and their historical formations.
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