International Investment Law and Water Resources Management

An Appraisal of Indirect Expropriation


Hydrological variability, increasing competition for water, and the need for regulatory flexibility may increasingly compel governments to adopt measures with significant economic impact on foreign investment. In International Investment Law and Water Resources Management, Daza-Clark offers an appraisal of indirect expropriation, revisiting the well-known doctrine of the police power. Through the lens of international investment law, the author explores a framework that assesses the legitimate exercise of police power with particular attention to the special nature of water resources.

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Biographical Note

Ana Maria Daza-Clark (PhD) is a teaching fellow in international economic law at the University of Edinburgh. She worked as a legal counsel and legal director for the utilities regulatory system in Bolivia and specialises in economic regulation, international investment law and water governance.

Review Quotes

“In conclusion, International Investment Law and Water Resources Management – An Appraisal of Indirect Expropriation provides an interesting and fresh perspective on the analysis of claims of indirect expropriation in sensitive regulatory areas such as water resources management. [...] Although being a relatively short monograph, readers will find it definitely challenging and thought provoking. The author has been able to combine academic rigour with expositive clarity. Readers will also appreciate the ample references to case law and an historical contextualization of the most salient issues, which help to better tack the origins and the development of indirect expropriation. The book is a ‘must have’ in every investment law practitioner’s bookshelf. [...]”
~ Piergiuseppe Pusceddu, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Tilburg in: TDM (June 2018)


All interested in expropriation in the context of international investment law, and those with a special concern for environmental issues and water resources management.

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