The Protectors of Indians in the Royal Audience of Lima

History, Careers and Legal Culture, 1575-1775


Author: Mauricio Novoa
In The Protectors of Indians in the Royal Audience of Lima: History, Careers and Legal Culture, 1575-1775 Mauricio Novoa offers an account of the institution that developed in the vice-royalty of Peru for the protection of Indians before the high courts of justice. Making use of historical materials, Novoa provides a comprehensive view on the formation of the legal elite in Lima during the colonial period; reviews the litigation undertaken by indigenous plaintiffs, and explains the legal culture that allowed the development of juristic doctrine around the Indian personal status.

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Mauricio Novoa was educated in Lima and Cambridge, and has published on various aspects of Latin American legal and intellectual history.
Acknowledgements ... ix
List of Illustrations, Charts and Tables ... xi
List of Abbreviations ... xiii

Introduction ... 1
1 Bishop Protectors ... 16
2 Protectors of Indians in the Audience of Lima ... 44
3 Social Characteristics ... 71
4 Advancement and Careers ... 104
5 Economic Position ... 145
6 Legal Culture ... 179
7 Litigation at the Royal Audience of Lima ... 206
Conclusion ... 231

Appendices ... 235
Appendix 1: Biographical Notes ... 237
Appendix 2: The Library of Cipriano de Medina (1635) ... 254
Appendix 3: The Library of García José Lasso de Vega (1775) ... 277
Appendix 4: Procurators of Indians in the Real Audiencia of Lima, 1552–1789 ... 285

Bibliography ... 291

Index ... 320
All interested in the legal and social history of Latin America, and anyone concerned with the functioning of colonial courts of justice, the legal culture of lawyers, and the history of Indians legal status.