Child-friendly Justice

A Quarter of a Century of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


Child-friendly Justice assesses how the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has affected the development of child law and the promotion of children’s rights in the past twenty-five years. Its 24 studies probe a broad variety of issues relating to children’ s contact with civil, administrative and criminal justice systems, the protection of child integrity and their right to participation, information and proper representation.

The contributors - all experts on child-related matters - represent international organisations, academia and NGOs. They provide a clear picture of the origins of the current problems in realising child-friendly justice, and they discuss possible solutions.

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Said Mahmoudi, LL.D. (1987), is Professor of International Law at Stockholm University. He has widely published on various issues of international law. His research focus in recent years has been on human rights with particular focus on the situation in Muslim States.

Pernilla Leviner, LL.D. (2011), is Associate Professor of Public Law at Stockholm University. Her research interests lie within and on the border of the fields of public and family law, and more specifically the societal responsibility of protecting children from harm and neglect. Among her publications is a monograph on the legal dilemmas within the Swedish child protection system and the difficult balancing act between children's rights to protection and the fundamental rights to private and family life.

Anna Kaldal, LL.D. (2010), is Associate Professor of Procedural Law at Stockholm University. She is the author of a monograph on risk analyses in cases relating to custody of the children. Her research interests include the right of the child, in particular in legal proceedings, gathering and evaluating statements given by a child and decision-making in family and child protection cases.

Katrin Lainpelto, LL.D. (2012), is Senior Lecturer in Procedural Law at Stockholm University. Her research interests include procedural and evidential matters concerning crimes against women, children, youth, and other vulnerable groups. She has authored a monograph on the legal evaluation of corroborating evidence in child sexual abuse cases.
Preface and Acknowledgments; Abbreviations; Contributors; Introduction;
Part I- Basic Components of Child-friendly Justice Systems
A Quarter of a Century with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Mats Melin
Children’s Rights, Freedom from Violence and Criminal Justice Marta Santos Pais
Reflections on Child-friendly Justice Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro
Best Interests of the Child Jean Zermatten
Corporal Punishment, Crime and Human Rights: Lessons for Child-friendly Justice Ashley Stewart-Tufescu & Joan E. Durrant
Relational Representation: The Empowerment of Children in Justice Systems Hrefna Friðriksdóttir
Children’s Right to be Heard from Their Unique Perspectives Ann-Christin Cederborg
Children’s Evidence and the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Improving the Legal System for Children Deborah A. Goldfarb, Gail S. Goodman & Michael J. Lawler
Child- Sensitive Justice for Children of Imprisoned Parents Adele Jones & Alex Hirschfield
Challenges in Implementing Child Rights – a Call for Innovative Governance for Children Trond Waage
Part II- Children and Criminal Justice Systems
It Is Not Child-friendly to Make Children Criminals Peter Newell
From the Inside – Children and Young People on Life in Police Cells and in Remand Prisons Fredrik Malmberg
Without Resorting to Judicial Proceedings’: Diversion and Mediation Rusudan Mikhelidze
Children’s Houses – Barnahus: Today and in the Future Anna Kaldal & Carl Göran Svedin
Child Victims and Witnesses of Crime in India Asha Bajpai
Evidential Difficulties in Criminal Proceedings Concerning Alleged Child Sexual Abuse against Children with Neuropsychiatric Disorders Katrin Lainpelto
Part III- Children and Civil and Administrative Justice
Justice for the Migrant Child: The Protective Force of the Convention on the Rights of the Child Mary E. Crock
Unaccompanied and Separated Asylum-Seeking Minors: Implementing a Rights-Based Approach in the Asylum Process Rebecca Thorburn Stern
The Child’s Right to Protection of Private Life and Family Life Elisabeth Gording Stang
The Right to a Fair Trial from a Child’s Perspective – Reflections from a Comparative Analysis of two Child-protection Systems Pernilla Leviner
Part V- Child-friendly Justice: Continental Perspectives
Children and Justice Nils Muižnieks &Françoise Kempf
European Court of Human Rights Elisabet Fura
What’s in a Name? ‘Child friendly’ Justice in Africa Julia Sloth-Nielsen
Access to Justice in the Inter-American System: Standards and Challenges Rosa Maria Ortiz
In addition to law schools, law firms and judicial authorities, many academic institutions in the filed of social sciences and humanities as well as state and municipal authorities dealing with children have interest in the book.
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