Politics of Precarity

Migrant Conditions, Struggles and Experiences


In Politics of Precarity: Migrant Conditions, Struggles and Experiences, edited by Carl-Ulrik Schierup and Martin Bak Jørgensen, the contributing authors look into precarity. Precarity has become a buzzword in as well academia as among activist. The book depicts precarity as being both a condition and a mobilizing force for resistance. The volume asks questions that investigate conditions and resistance across diverse cases such as first generation urbanites in China, migrant pensioners and unemployed youth in Sweden and Spain, refugees in Germany, irregular and regular migrants in Southern Europe, Turkey, Russia the United States and South Africa. Contributors are: Susanne Bregnbæk, Ines Calzada, Maribel Casas-Cortés, Anna Gavanas, Gregoris Ioannou, Martin Bak Jørgensen, Irina Kuznetsova-Morenko, Ronaldo Munck, Dimitris Parsanoglou, John Round, Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Peter Schultz Jørgensen, Nazlı Şenses, Vassilis Tsianos, Nicos Trimikliniotis, and Mimi Zou.
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Biographical Note

Carl-Ulrik Schierup is Professor in Ethnic Studies at Linköping University Sweden, and director of the Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society. He has co-edited Migration, Precarity and Global Governance: Challenges and Opportunities for Labour (Oxford University Press, 2015). Martin Bak Jørgensen, Ph.D. (2009) Aalborg University, is Associate Professor at Department for Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark. He has co-edited the book Solidarity Without Borders: Gramscian perspectives on migration and civil society alliances (Pluto Press, 2016).

Table of contents

List of Figures About the Authors Preface 1. From ‘Social Exclusion’ to ‘Precarity’. The Becoming Migrant of Labour. An Introduction Carl-Ulrik Schierup and Martin Bak Jørgensen 2. A Geneology of Precarity: A Toolbox for Rearticulating Fragmented Social Realities in and out of the Workplace Maribel Casas-Cortés 3. The Precariat strikes back – precarity struggles in practice Martin Bak Jørgensen 4. The Precariat: A View from the South Ronaldo Munck 5. Turkey’s new precariat: Differentiated vulnerability and new alliances Nazli Senses 6. Multiplex migration and axes of precarization: Swedish retirement migrants to Spain and their service providers Anna Gavanas and Ines Calzada 7. Employment in crisis: Cyprus and the extension of precarity Gregoris Ioannou 8. Regulating Illegal Work in China: Immigration Law and Precarious Migrant Status Mimi Zou 9. Running into nowhere: Educational migration in Beijing and the conundrum of social and existential mobility Susanne Bregnbæk 10. Necropolitics and the Migrant as a Political Subject of Disgust: The Precarious Everyday of Russia’s Labour Migrants John Round and Irina Kuznetsova-Morenko 11. Mobile commons and/in precarious spaces: Mapping migrant struggles and social resistance Nicos Trimikliniotis, Dimitris Parsanoglou & Vassilis Tsianos 12. The Working Class and the city as Political Platform in New York Peter Schultz Jørgensen 13. Under the Rainbow: Precarity and People Power in Post-Apartheid South Africa Carl-Ulrik Schierup Index


Politics of Precarity is of interest for students and scholars within migration studies, sociology, social anthropology and political economy as well as people interested in the effects of neoliberalism.