Bibliography of the Exact Sciences in the Low Countries from ca. 1470 to the Golden Age (1700)

In this bibliography of the exact sciences in the Low Countries, Klaas Hoogendoorn gives a detailed analytical description by autopsy of all printed books published by scientists associated with the Low Countries from ca. 1470 to the Golden Age (1700). The books' locations are given, along with secondary bibliographical sources and concise biographies of the authors. Includes indexes of the editions by subject, printer/publisher and person. Along with books on subjects including mathematics, physics, military science and navigation, the second part describes all known almanacs and prognostications for the period, providing the most complete survey yet available. It is a thoroughly revised and expanded update of D. Bierens de Haan’s Bibliographie néerlandaise historique-scientifique … (Rome, 1883) up to about 1700.
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Biographical Note

Klaas Hoogendoorn (1940), MSc electrical engineering, TU Delft. Since his retirement, he has conducted independent research on the history of science and scientific books in the early-modern Low Countries and published bibliographies of Dutch arithmeticians and articles on astrological prognostications.