Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion

Volume 6: Religion and Internet (2015)


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While the churches are emptying, other virtual religious places – as the religious websites – seem to be filling up. The researcher focusing on religion and internet or digital religion as an object of study must seek answers to a number of questions. Is computer-mediated religious communication a particular communication process whose object is what we conventionally call religion? Or is it a modern, independent form of religious expressiveness that finds its new-born status in the web and its particular language? To examine the questions above, and others, the book collects more empirical data, claiming that the Internet will have a specific or novel impact on how religious traditions are interpreted. The blurring of previous boundaries (offline/online, virtual/local, illegitimate/legitimate religion) is another theme common to all the contributions in this volume.

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Daniel Enstedt, Ph.D. (1972), Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Gothenborg. He is working on Leaving Islam on religious disaffiliation among Muslims in Sweden, and on The Good Life on new spirituality and health in the welfare society.

Göran Larsson, Ph.D.(1970), Professor in Religious Studies at the University of Gothenborg. His most recent publications are Muslims and the New Information and Communication Technologies (Springer, 2013, ed. with T. Hoffmann) and Muslims and the New Media: Historical and Contemporary Debates (Ashgate, 2011).

Enzo Pace, Ph.D. (1944), Professor in Sociology of Religion at the University of Padua. His most recent publications are Religion as Communication (Ashgate, 2011) and Sociology of Monasticism (Brill, 2014, ed. with. I. Jonveaux and S. Palmisano).

Contributors are: Chris Allen, Shun-hing Chan, Tetske van Dun, Daniel Enstedt, Franz Volker Greifenhagen, Anna Halafoff, Ping Huang, Göran Larsson, Andrew P. Lynch, Sławomir Mandes, Salvador Jimenez Murguia, Anna Neumaier, Enzo Pace, Viviana Premazzi, Khalid Rhazzali, Roberta Ricucci, Johan Roeland, Caroline Starkey, Emma Tomalin, Peter Versteeg.
All scholars and research Institutes interested in religion and internet; academic libraries, undergraduate and post-graduate students in the field of new media and communication; religious institutions and educated laymen belonging to main world religions.
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