Severus of Antioch

His Life and Times


Severus of Antioch: His Life and Times offers many fresh insights into the life, theology, reception history, exegetical approach, and asceticism of Severus, a key figure in the Oriental Orthodox Church, and central to the current discussions on Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox reunion. It includes articles from established Syriac scholars and theologians including well-known international authors Pauline Allen, Sebastian Brock, Rifaat Ebied and Ken Parry. The topics covered have immense theological and historical significance for the churches of the Middle East and the history of Late Antiquity, and explore new understandings of Severus’ exegetical context, the theological and political impact of his sermons, and his relation to the many ideological currents of his time.

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John D’Alton is a priest in the Antiochian Orthodox Church and is completing his PhD at Monash University on The Jihad of Jesus: The concept of struggle in pre-Islamic Syrian Christian and early Sufi Muslim writings

Youhanna Youssef is an Associate Professor, SACOTC, University of Divinity (Melbourne) and a researcher in the Centre for Early Christian Studies, Australian Catholic University. He holds a PhD from Montpellier and is the author of many books and chapters in English, French and Arabic.

Foreword, Bishop Suriel
Preface, Bishop Mor Malatios Malki Malki

Pauline Allen, Severus of Antioch: Heir of Saint John Chrysostom?
Roger Youssef Akhrass, Se glorifier de sa ville et de son siège? La grandeur d’Antioche et le mépris des titres chez Sévère le Grand
Sebastian Brock, A letter from the Orthodox Monasteries of the Orient sent to Alexandria, addressed to Severos
John D’Alton, The Asceticism of Severus: An analysis of struggle in his homily 18 on “the Forty holy Martyrs” compared to the Cappadocians and the Syrians
Rifaat Ebied, Quotations from the Works of St. Severus of Antioch in Peter of Callinicus’ magnum opus ‘Contra Damianum’
Nestor Kavvadas, Severus of Antioch and Changing Miaphysite Attitudes toward Byzantium
Ken Parry, The Doves of Antioch: Severus, Chalcedonians, Monothelites, and Iconoclasm
Rene Roux, Severus of Antioch at the Crossroad of the Antiochene and Alexandrian Exegetical Tradition
Youhanna Nessim Youssef, Hymns of Severus of Antioch and the Coptic Theotokia
Historians of Late Antiquity, Severus specialists, theologians, and church leaders involved in discussions on Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox reunion.
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