Grazer Philosophische Studien, Vol 90 – 2014

International Journal for Analytic Philosophy


Grazer Philosophische Studien is a peer reviewed journal that publishes articles on philosophical problems in every area, especially articles related to the analytic tradition. Each year at least two volumes are published, including special issues with invited papers. Reviews are accepted by invitation only.

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Themenschwerpunkt / Special Topic

Gastherausgeber / Guest Editors
Christoph HANISCH & Herlinde PAUER-STUDER

Christoph HANISCH & Herlinde PAUER-STUDER: Editorial
Stephen DARWALL: Why Fichte’s Second-Personal Foundations Can Provide a More Adequate Account of the Relation of Right than Kant’s
Fabienne PETER: Second-Personal Reason-Giving
Hans Bernhard SCHMID: Missing the “We” for all those “You’s”. Debunking Milgram’s Obedience to Authority
Peter SCHABER: Demanding Something
Alexandra COUTO: Reactive Attitudes, Disdain and the Second-Person Standpoint
Christoph HANISCH: Self-Constitution and Other-Constitution: The Non-Optionality of the Second-Person Standpoin
Jens TIMMERMANN: Kant and the Second-Person Standpoint
Herlinde PAUER-STUDER: Contractualism and the Second-Person Moral Standpoint


Michele PAOLINI PAOLETTI: Falsemakers: Something Negative about Facts
Francesco BERTO & Graham PRIEST: Modal Meinongianism and Characterization. Reply to Kroon
Shane RYAN: Standard Gettier Cases: A Problem for Greco?
Simon DIERIG: The Discrimination Argument and the Standard Strategy
Federico CASTELLANO: Intellectualism Against Empiricism
Uku TOOMING: Pleasures of the Communicative Conception
Uwe PETERS: Teleosemantics, Swampman, and Strong Representationalism
Paula SWEENEY: Contextualism and the Principle of Tolerance

Essay Competition

Tammo LOSSAU: Was heißt „sich vorstellen, eine andere Person zu sein“?
Eva BACKHAUS: Essay zur Frage: Kann ich mir vorstellen, eine andere Person zu sein?
Viktoria KNOLL: Kann ich mir vorstellen, eine andere Person zu sein?

Review Article

Guido MELCHIOR: Is Epistemological Disjunctivism the Holy Grail?
Critical Notes

Stefania CENTRONE (Hg.), Versuche über Husserl. Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag, 2013 (Edgar MORSCHER)
Edgar MORSCHER: Normenlogik. Grundlagen – Systeme – Anwendungen. Paderborn: mentis Verlag, 2012 (Hans-Peter LEEB)
Lisa HERZOG, Inventing the Market: Smith, Hegel, and Political Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2013. – Lisa HERZOG and Axel HONNETH (eds.), Der Wert des Marktes: Ein ökonomisch-philosophischer Diskurs vom 18. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart. Berlin: Suhrkamp. 2014. (Norbert PAULO)
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