The Jewish Question

History of a Marxist Debate


In The Jewish Question: History of a Marxist Debate, Enzo Traverso explores the causes and the forms of the encounter that took place, from the middle of the nineteenth century to the Holocaust, between the intelligentsia of a cosmopolitan minority and the most radical ideological current of Western modernity. From Karl Marx to the Frankfurt School, the 'Jewish Question' — to a set of problems related to emancipation and anti-Semitism, cultural assimilation and Zionism — raised significant controversies within Marxist theory. Enzo Traverso carefully reconstructs this intellectual debate that runs over more than a century, pointing out both its achievements and its blind alleys.

This is the second edition, completely rewritten and updated, of a book already translated into many languages (originally published in French, then translated into English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Turkish).
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Biographical Note

Enzo Traverso (1957) is Susan and Barton Winokur Professor in the Humanities at Cornell University. He has taught in different countries and published many books, translated into a dozen languages, among which are Fire and Blood: The European Civil War (Verso, 2016) and Left-Wing Melancholia (Columbia University Press, 2017).

Table of contents

Historicising the Marxist Jewish Question: Preface to the Second Edition Acknowledgements
1 Marx, Radical Enlightenment, and the Jews  1  Marx: the Jew as Geldmensch  2  Engels: the Jews as a ‘People without History’  3  The Struggle against Anti-Semitism
2 The Jewish Marxist Intelligentsia  1  Central Europe  2  Eastern Europe  3  Hypotheses
3 The German and Austrian Marxists (1880–1920)  1  Anti-Semitism  2  Zionism  3  The Paradigm of Assimilation: Otto Bauer  4  The Paradigm of Assimilation: Karl Kaustky
4 Russian Marxism (1900–20)  1  Lenin  2  Stalin  3  Trotsky  4  Rosa Luxemburg  5  Conclusion
5 Jewish Marxism  1  Russian Marxism and Jewish Marxism  2  The Jewish Workers’ Movement  3  National Autonomy: Vladimir Medem  4  Zionism: Ber Borokhov
Intermezzo: The Jews and the Russian Revolution (1917–37)
6 Gramsci and the Jewish Question
7 From Weimar to Auschwitz: Anti-Semitism and the German Left  1  The KPD: From the ‘Schlageter Line’ to the ‘Third Period’  2  The ‘Roofless Left’  3  Trotsky’s Warnings
8 The Messianic Materialism of Walter Benjamin  1  German Culture and Jewishness  2  Marxism  3  Critique of Progress  4  Historical Materialism and Theology  5  Outsider
9 The Theory of the People-Class: Abram Leon  1  Historiographical Limitations  2  Capitalism and Assimilation  3  Anti-Semitism  4  Solutions
10 Postwar Marxism and the Holocaust  1  The Frankfurt School  2  Ernest Mandel  3  Capitalism and the Holocaust
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All interested in Marxist theory and Jewish history, and anyone concerned with intellectual history, political theory, and cultural sociology of the 19th and 20th centuries.


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